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We are just two episodes into American Horror Story: Cult and this season is already not holding back. There have already been multiple murders, a surprise seduction, and a possible terrorist attack. Okay, the power outage probably wasn't terrorist-related like the new neighbor Harrison (Billy Eichner) suggested but it was worth it just to hear him yell, "Lesbians, we're under attack!" The main mystery of the season remains to be why the clown cult is seemingly targeting the Mayfair-Richards family, more specifically, Ally. There was evidence suggesting that Kai could be father of Ally and Ivy's son Oz but a new fan theory provides new insight about the cult's mission.

A Redditor provided a series of clues leading to the notion that Oz is destined to be the future leader of the cult. The most appealing part of the theory comes from the the young boy's name: Ozymandias. The Greek name is linked to an Egyptian ruler but more famously, it is the the title of a famous sonnet written by Percy Bysshe Shelley that references a fall of empires and a "king of kings." If Oz truly is Kai's son, he could be the heir to the cult's leadership throne and the time has come to start pushing him in that direction. Names might come to be an important aspect of the cult members; viewers believe the nature-themed character names like Meadow, Ivy, and Winter suggest that cult members are able to change their identity.

Ozymandias [Credit: FX]
Ozymandias [Credit: FX]

Winter () has noticeably been exposing Oz to violence while also incorporating more clowns into his life, which could indicate that her role in the cult is to desensitize him for the future. She has also been teaching him how to get rid of his fear through the pinky trick that very well looks to be a cult ritual. The clowns, which are now confirmed to be very real, made a point not to go after Oz, making him think their appearance was just a dream. Ally () on the other hand, was certainly a target.

The theory goes on to suggest that Ivy is a member of the cult and is helping get rid of Ally so the cult could gain custody of Oz. The episode featured a surprise move by Winter as she seduced Ally during the bathtub scene; could she just be trying to cause more issues between Ally and Ivy? There are already so many issues in their marriage due to Ally's phobias and recent behavior but that tension is also affecting Oz, as he clearly is reluctant to run to Ally when he is scared. The wedge between the women's marriage that the clowns are creating could be an inside job that is Ivy's role in the cult. The fact that Ivy is never a target of attack remains very suspicious, leading to more evidence that Ivy is colluding with the cult.

It is pretty difficult not to assume at this point in the season that everyone is somehow involved in the cult besides Ally. Even the new neighbors, Harrison and Meadow, are connected to Kai as they filmed the set-up attack on Kai that led to a group of men getting arrested and deported. They moved into the Changs' house which was revealed to be rented and it's very plausible that the new homeowners are members of the cult, waiting patiently to finally make their move. With the election and Ally's heightened fear and paranoia, the time might be right for the cult to strike.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesday nights on FX.

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