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Forget winning an Oscar, the boom of popularity in superhero films suggests that you have only really made it to the big time when you're crammed into a pair of spandex tights and saving the world from some malevolent menace. The recent castings of Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, and Tom Hardy in superhero movies show that heroic ventures mean big business for our Hollywood stars. Now, keen to cash in on the hype, Oscar nominee and American Horror Story darling has set her sights on the genre and given a particular nod toward the Gotham City skyline.

Girl (Super)Power

In an interview with Variety, Sidibe said that she hopes to someday take on the world of heroes and villains for her own starring role:

"I want to do actions, I want to do superhero movies, just because it's so cool. Movie making is like playing on the playground, it's amazing, and there's so many different ways to make art... So yes, put me in a superhero movie."

When grilled on who she wanted to play, Sidibe first decided on the formidable Amanda Waller because she is "a badass." However, the actress said that she feels the biggest connection to Bruce Wayne:

“Batman doesn’t have any superpowers. He’s not an alien, he’s a straight up human who happens to be rich. He’s like Super Privileged Man. He’s like White Privilege Man. But he’s got all these tools, and a super dark sense of being. He’s such a creep, and I feel I’m Batman because I’m a creep.”

Of course, Sidibe is just joking about playing Batman, but casting her as the Caped Crusader would certainly rattle a few cages. As for the role of Amanda Waller, we have seen Sidibe embrace her mean streak when playing Queenie in Seasons 3 and 5 of American Horror Story, so it isn't out of the realm of possibility. The role might currently be filled by Viola Davis in the , but nothing lasts forever and who knows what the future holds.

Hitting the big time after her role in 2009's Precious, 34-year-old Sidibe has since alternated between the small and the silver screen. Also appearing in the likes of AHS, Seven Psychopaths, and recently Empire, Sidibe has always slammed those who have had a problem with her size. With the and the adopting a more diverse roster of characters and stars, Sidibe would be sure to bring something special to any role and likely be a great addition to a superhero venture.

The cast of FX's horror anthology already contains some well-established stars, while Sidibe's Horror Story co-star Evan Peters famously plays Quicksilver in Fox's X-Men universe. We have already heard that AHS alumni Emma Roberts is in the running to play Batgirl, so with Sidibe also wanting a role as a hero or villain, what's next, Sarah Paulson as Silver Sable?


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(Source: Variety)


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