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Among all of the freakish, masturbating clowns who appeared in the Season 7 premiere of American Horror Story, one stood out taller than the rest — and no, we're not talking about that three-faced monstrosity adorned with phallic noses.

Of course, it was with great delight and horror that audiences welcomed back the fan favorite villain Twisty the Clown, who we last saw join the afterlife towards the end of Freak Show. We'd known for some time that Twisty would return in American Horror Story: Cult, inspiring other clowns through his chilling legacy, but it was particularly gratifying to see Twisty's return echo his debut back in Season 4.

However, when it was revealed that his appearance in "Election Night" was just a story told inside a comic book, many presumed that this would be the last we see of Twisty in Season 7. Sure, Oz would probably continue drawing pictures of the deformed clown, yet the confirmed lack of supernatural elements in Cult led us to believe that Twisty wouldn't return in a physical sense.

So, How Does Twisty Return In Future Episodes Of American Horror Story: Cult?

It's with much surprise then that a new trailer for Episode 2, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark", suggests that John Carroll Lynch's twisted clown could become a recurring character in Season 7 after all.

Check out the promo below and pay particularly close attention around the 33 second mark:

Did you spot Twisty attacking Oz in his bedroom? It's one thing to feel the influence of a character's legacy, but quite another to see him regularly appear on the show. In other seasons of American Horror Story, this wouldn't be too surprising as magical elements regularly come into play. In this case though, creator Ryan Murphy explicitly stated that Season 7 would avoid the supernatural in its entirety, so how does Twisty turn up in Oz's bedroom?

The obvious answer is that this version of Twisty spotted in the trailer is simply a figment of the boy's imagination. After all, it still remains unclear whether any of the clowns that Oz and his mother see are even real — and we already know that the kid is somewhat obsessed with the Twisty comic he's stashed away in his room.

Saying that though, there's also the possibility that the clown attacking Oz may be a copycat member of the cult who has been inspired by the legacy of Twisty. While we haven't seen anyone dress up like him yet, there's a slim chance that one of the clowns has taken their love of Twisty to new extremes, assuming of course that any of these clowns are in fact real.

However, if it turns out that Ryan Murphy has gone back on his word and resurrected Twisty through supernatural means after all, then this could be the biggest 'twist' of them all. And if Twisty can return from the dead, who else in Edward Mordrake's band of horrors could also appear in Season 7 of American Horror Story? After all, the premiere of Cult already established a number of links to the show's ever-expanding timeline, and this wouldn't be the first time that Murphy has toyed with his fans.

How will Twisty return in future episodes of American Horror Story: Cult? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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