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Bored of sleeping? Feel like going to bed is a waste of your valuable time? Look no further than Ryan Murphy's Instagram page. The American Horror Story creator is clearly hellbent on haunting each of his followers with unbearable nightmares inspired by the monsters set to appear in Season 7.

From an ambidextrous demon to a grotesque elephant/clown hybrid, our first glimpse of the terrors contained within the upcoming season promise to make the 2016 election theme even more terrifying than, well, the election itself. However, Murphy may have outdone himself this time with what's arguably his most disturbing reveal yet.

While fans gagging for a Season 7 trailer can undoubtedly relate to this monstrosity, what's most interesting is how this could provide clues about the next instalment of American Horror Story. Comparisons to Lady Gaga's similar looks in music videos such as 'Applause' are unfortunately unfounded now that it's been confirmed the star won't appear, but what if none of these monsters will appear either?

Are These Monsters Symbolic In Nature?

With only the visuals to go on, fans are comparing this latest monster to everything from the aforementioned popstar to the famous painting by Edvard Munch known as 'The Scream'. The reality though is that these creatures may not appear on American Horror Story at all. Sure, the elephant monster and his playmates are evocative of antagonists from the likes of Coven and Freak Show, but what if Ryan Murphy is using these nightmarish images to hint at the kind of story lines we can expect to see unfold in Season 7?

Murphy revealed that the 2016 Presidential Election will play a key role a few months back, but aside from a few predictions of our own, many of the specifics remain unclear. However, if we interpret these monsters as symbolic in nature, then it all starts to make more sense.

To many, the elephant creature already represented the Republican party as they use this animal as a key symbol, but what about the other two? Well, the ambidextrous nature of the second monster could possibly allude to the conflict between the two central parties. If the left-winged Democrats are represented by the left hand and the Republicans by the right, then this bizarre figure could symbolise a middle ground between the two, something that connects them such as a lust for power. Perhaps this creature even represents one of the central characters who is torn between the two parties, including the likes of Sarah Paulson or Evan Peters.

If that's the case, then the latest nightmare concocted by Murphy and co could allude to the Pizzagate conspiracy that plagued the election in 2016. While the theory has since been debunked, emails from John Podesta — former chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign — were claimed to contain coded messages regarding human trafficking and a child-sex ring. Numerous organisations have since discredited this conspiracy, but the secretive nature of potential cover-ups like this could certainly become a focal point, one that's best represented by the 'gagged' monster seen in the image above.

If this is all true, then the biggest twist of all might be how Season 7 will focus almost entirely on monstrous people rather than actual monsters. Of course, the supernatural would still be present on the fringes, especially as we already know that more shared universe connections will come into play throughout Season 7, but the political theme and the symbolism of these images suggests that real-life horror will become more prominent. After all, it's not like this would be the first time that the brutality of 'normal' people has been explored on the show.

Of course, there's also a chance that some of these monsters aren't even linked to American Horror Story at all. While the first two images were explicitly connected to the show through a caption underneath, the latest glimpse doesn't technically mention American Horror Story — Although we doubt that this nightmarish sight has much to do with other shows helmed by Murphy. American Crime Story can be pretty dark at times, but we doubt that Versace will ever meet someone like this gal in the upcoming season.

Whether the monsters appear or not though, the most monstrous thing of all is how long Murphy has made us wait to see a trailer for Season 7 of . While we wait, brush up on your knowledge of how everything fits together with this handy timeline that definitively orders the events of each season in chronological order, all for your reading pleasure.

Do you think any of these monsters will appear in Season 7 of American Horror Story? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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