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Oh no, , what have you done to our horror hunks? Finn Wittrock became a slack-jawed yokel, Evan Peters was butchered twice, and Matt Bomer was totally MIA. Luckily the sixth season of 's horror anthology got something right by giving us something else pretty to look at with newcomer Billy Snow.

Snow immediately became a fan-favorite as the ironically named Uber driver Rhett Snow. With his chiseled jaw and tousled surfer hair, it wasn't long before Rhett became the talk of the show.

Image: FX
Image: FX

Murphy sprinkled his usual dusting of horror history across the season with nods to everything that had come before. We met the long-lost ancestors of Freak Show's twisted Mott family, it introduced the world's first Supreme, and there was the return of Murder House's Piggy Man legend. With the show never leaving anything to chance or coincidence, what the hell is the deal with Uber driver Rhett Snow?

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What's In A Name

Image: FX
Image: FX

If Rhett was just surplus to the story, then why did showrunners decide to not only give him a name, but a full name? Prior to Cheyenne Jackson's role as TV exec Sidney James he was just listed as "voice," so Murphy clearly wanted us to notice something. Many already picked up on the fact that Rhett Snow could be related to everyone's favorite flame-haired bonfire Myrtle Snow from Coven, but unlike his distant relative, Rhett didn't quite set the show on fire with an Oscar-worthy performance. Perhaps a double bluff though — either some acting work is needed, or Rhett was hiding something under those perfectly plucked brows.

If only Rhett and his Uber had zoomed in to save the day, Cricket Marlowe may not have been gutted from the inside out, but what if that was the plan all along? There was an insincerity to Rhett when he said that he prayed for the Roanoke inhabitants after Marlowe bolted from the back of his Uber without paying. It tends to be that when someone doesn't come back, and you just nearly run over a little girl, you don't just drive away.

Rhett reappeared again in Episode 9, still driving his Uber, and still running people to and from the Roanoke house. So, knowing what happened the first time around, would you still be an Uber driver in the vicinity of such a spooky ol' house? Acting aside, I wasn't really paying attention to what Rhett ever said, I was more just lost in his eyes.

The Return Of Rhett

Image: FX
Image: FX

Our hearts went aflutter when Snow returned for his surprise cameo playing... himself? This means that, apart from Lee, Snow is the only other survivor to transcend both "Roanoke" and "Return to Roanoke." So what is his trick to staying alive, does Rhett have a deal with the first Supreme Scathach? It makes sense by mirroring the way in which the hillbilly Polk had a deal with The Butcher for protection during the Blood Moon.

If Rhett struck a bargain with witchy Scratchhatch/Scathat/Snapchat, he could ferry potential victims to the Roanoke house in exchange for protection. More erotically, we have also seen that Scathach's burning loins like to get down and dirty in the basement, so maybe Rhett lets her hop on in the back of his Uber in a similar arrangement. I can think of worse things to happen!

Moaning Myrtle

Image: FX
Image: FX

Let's not forget that Episode 9 also saw Taissa Farmiga's brief appearance go up in flames. Vloggers Milo and Sophie found themselves skewered and seared by the "real" Roanoke tribe — a death that was reminiscent of how Myrtle Snow bowed out in Season 3's Coven. We know that at some point in the future Murphy is planning a "secret season" that will contain familiar faces from both Murder House and Coven, and there is no better person to return than Myrtle. If we have already seen her rise from the ashes like a phoenix once, why not another time?

With Francis Conroy's performance as kooky Myrtle Snow being a highlight of Season 3, you can only imagine the joy of having her back. Her Vivienne Westwood fashion sense, her eye for great drapes, and her handiness with a melon baller. If Myrtle were ever to come back, then there would be no one better to resurrect her then grandson/relative Rhett. Admittedly, Myrtle never mentioned any family (or friends for that matter), and did give off a crazy cat lady vibe, but we are still going on the Rhett connection.

One other thing that would be interesting to explore in a return to Coven would be the idea of male witches. We only met Leslie Jordan's Quentin Fleming during the season, but there has to be more knocking around out there. If Rhett really is related to the late, great, Myrtle Snow, then magic runs in his blood, and it would explain his connection to the Roanoke witch.

Just An Uber Driver

Image: FX
Image: FX

Plot twist: Rhett was supposed to return in the finale to slice and dice Lana Winters with the help of the possessed Lee.

OK, serious heads on now, he could just be an Uber driver. In a backwater town as small as the one where Roanoke is set, it isn't beyond the realm of possibility. Snow's reappearance cold just be part of FX's great marketing ploy, and Roanoke is just sponsored by Uber. If so, it looks like Ryan Murphy has free rides for life.

It is doubtful that Snow will return for the season finale, however, if he starts shouting Myrtle's catchphrase "balenciaga" then the tin foil theories have paid off. In the meantime, I am more than happy for Snow to join the Horror Story hunks like Matt Bomer and Finn Wittrock next season. Welcome to the club, Billy Snow, long may your perfect pecs reign.

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What's the deal with Rhett Snow?


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