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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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American Horror Story Season 6 is a different direction from the AHS we're used to. Some fans are befuddled (or downright annoyed) at the new docu-format and the cheesy horror movie tropes, but what if this is all on purpose?

AHS creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk gave a pretty electrifying tease in an interview with EW, telling us that, whatever we think about AHS: Roanoke, we're wrong:

"You’ll see starting in Episode 6, the show has a huge turn and the thing that you think you’re watching is not what you’re watching. It’s a hat on a hat on a hat on a hat that we’ve had to protect."

AHS 6 got me scribbling theories in my basement like Roanoke Denis O'Hare
AHS 6 got me scribbling theories in my basement like Roanoke Denis O'Hare

OK, Murphy, color me intrigued. He adds that the show can be divided into "two chunks: 1–5, 6–10," which suggests that we're gonna see this sudden about turn about halfway through the season. Co-creator Brad Falchuk heaps on another topping of mystery:

"Even though the subject matter has gotten out, it’s irrelevant because nobody gets what we’re doing. No matter what you think it is, it’s not that. Then, Episode 6 comes and you’re like, ‘Wait! What happened?’"


Are you excited for the big twist coming in 'American Horror Story' season 6?

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Smile while you can, guys...
Smile while you can, guys...

Murphy and Falchuk seem pretty confident that none of us have any idea what's going on, but here's a few ideas to mull over:

  • It's all actually a fake documentary (ie. both Sara Paulson's Shelby and Lily Rabe's Shelby are actors), but terrifying shit starts happening for real and the actors have to fight their way out of the real terror of Roanoke.
  • The first "chunk" of the season will involve the re-enactment actors (Paulson and Gooding Jr.) but will then switch to the "real" Millers (Rabe and Holland) where the action will continue — for real.
  • Wait, did Ryan Murphy say HAT?

As a massive shock whore, I'm just gagging for a sickening new moment to eclipse even the most vile excesses of previous seasons. What was the most shocking moment of AHS for you?

What kind of massive twist do you think will happen in American Horror Story: Roanoke?

Source: FX, EW


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