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As we grow closer to the highly anticipated election-themed season of American Horror Story, I am very pleased with the amount of information we have been getting so far. Last year's Roanoke gave fans practically zero information to go on, and was kept tightly under a blanket of secrecy. Thankfully, this year fans have been treated to various pieces of information for Season 7, such as possible monsters that will give us nightmares and what stars will be facing them.

Co-creator and mastermind Ryan Murphy has shared one final clue before the official title for Season 7 is announced. Check it out below:

What's The Buzz?

Are we looking at a nod to the classic flick Candyman? Or, is this FX's morbid sequel to the 2010 Bee Movie? Only time will tell, but with this sweet new piece of information, eagled-eyed fans have noticed that the clues Ryan Murphy has been releasing over the past few weeks all share something in common: they are all types of phobias!

'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story' [Credit: Fox]

It is also worth mentioning that we have seen a swarm of bees before on American Horror Story. In Season 3's Coven, Joan Ramsey (played by Patti LuPone) caught her husband cheating. Her act of revenge? Locking her husband in a car full of bees that he was allergic to. Will we see Sarah Paulson or Evan Peters fighting off some bees in Season 7? Are we looking at American Horror Story: Phobia? Nevertheless, if you have a fear of bees, holes or terrifying clowns then you might be covering your eyes throughout the majority of Season 7.

What do you think is the title for Season 7? Do you have any phobias? Leave your thoughts below!


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