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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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After the supernatural hijinks of The Butcher and her cronies, the action this week switched to the Polk family, who are serving human-jerky, grope-yer-mother realness. We're also down to three surviving members of the Return to Roanoke cast: Lee, Monet and Audrey have won their place as our Final Girls.

1. Incest Is Wincest

Uncovering more gruesome details about the Polks, we now know that there are no taboos they won't cross. They eat people (a grand ol' family tradition that began when they got hungry during the Great Depression) and Mama Polk is porking her son. At least they have some limits: Mama refutes Audrey's claim that they're "pig-fucking psychopaths," which earns a marvelous outburst from the distressed Brit:

"How else did you get those deformed monstrosities you call sons, you twat?"

After some ratchet dental-work on the teeth Audrey "paid good money for," Audrey and Monet escape, allowing Audrey to bash Mama's head in with a hammer.

2. The Origins Of The Piggy Man

If you were wondering what the Piggy Man's deal was, Jether Polk explains it all in this episode. Piggy was Kincaid Polk, the most infamous of the family line. Kincaid really stepped up his brutality when he went from killing pigs to killing people at the Chicago World Fair:

"That's when the became the Piggy Man. After slaughtering hogs, he put on a pig mask, and slaughtered people, hung them up, gutted and skinned. He got the idea from the others, saw what the butcher did."

The mention of the World Fair is also a nice link to the H.H. Holmes-inspired Mr. March in American Horror Story: Hotel.

3. Enter The Real Star Of The Show: Lee

More than ever before, Lee proved that she is a hard-ass motherfucker and will do anything to survive, including getting sexy with Jether and breaking her sobriety. The scene in which Lee pretends to be attracted to Jether in order to escape was suitably intense, and watching her crush the horny hillbilly's balls and drive a blade into his head was immensely satisfying. Oh, and Lee has a confession: she DID kill Mason! GIRL. Shit's getting real.

4. Movie References

You may have noticed many movie references in this episode, seeing as how is basically one long love letter to the horror (and reality TV!) genre.

  • The Chen girls go crawling around the ceiling a la The Grudge.
  • Dominic: "How are we meant to go up against that Paranormal Activity shit?"
  • Audrey says what Scream advises against: "I'll be right back"
  • Mama Polk's right-on Lecter impression...

5. Honey, Would You Put A Bumper Sticker On A Bentley?

Wes Bentley is back, bursting through the door in a piggy mask and almost getting himself killed by his frantic My Roanoke Nightmare co-star. Fortunately, Audrey recognizes him as the actor who played Ambrose White, and the last thing we hear is Aubrey saying his name. Is it Dylan or Gillian? My first impression was the latter, but social media seems to have swooped on "Dylan." I guess we'll find out next week.

Check out the promo for American Horror Story Chapter 9 — is that Taissa Farmiga with the hiker guy?

We lost Shelby (suicide by throat slash), Dominic (stabbed by Piggy), Mama Polk (hammer-wielding Audrey) and Jether (Lee's blade) this episode, so...


Who will survive 'American Horror Story: Roanoke'?

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