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Fans: There's no way the finale can go bigger than the madness of 'AHS: Roanoke.'

Ryan Murphy: Watch this.

Season 6 is finally over, and it's been one hell of a ride (that ride being a carnival ghost train through a haunted house that veers wildly off course through a cannibal feast and the head office of TMZ). Check out what went down in the show's weirdest ever finale:

1. Meta-Meta-Meta

After the phenomenal success of a clip from Paleyfest, a real-life fan convention that Ryan Murphy and the cast routinely attend to drop massive teasers about upcoming seasons. My jaw dropped when RuPaul's Drag Race alum Trixie Mattel showed up (wearing only the third least convincing wig of the season) and slayed as the moderator of the true-to-life My Roanoke Nightmare cast panel. It was a bittersweet delight to see the cast back together — Audrey, Rory, Shelby, Matt, Monet, Dominic, Agnes — and a true reminder of how many great characters we lost along the journey.

The focal point of the segment, however, was Lee's interaction with a mega-fan who maintained her idol's innocence. This began Crack'd — our first of THREE separate shows within the finale — a pseudo-documentary on that love-her-hate-her public figure, Lee Miller.

2. Lana's Legacy

Sarah Paulson returns in her third character of the season — Fake Shelby, Audrey and now Lana Winters (Tatiana Maslany would be proud) — and it's a joy to see possibly the greatest ever American Horror Story heroine again. The promo for this episode focused on this segment of the finale, and it's not hard to see why.

Lana and Lee have a frosty yet grudgingly respectful rapport going (even after Lana accusing Lee of kidnapping Flora again) before Lot Polk busts into the studio, spraying bullets and spitting rage. Once more, Lana is faced with a monster, and she handles it like a BOSS, calmly chastising the gun-toting maniac as one might a little kid:

"The world is watching you, young man."

The interchange mirrors the finale of American Horror Story: Asylum when Lana shoots down Dylan McDermott as Bloody Face Jr., but this finale is not Lana's battle: it's Lee's. Polk knocks Lana out with the butt of his gun before getting shot up by the cops.

Two things need to happen now: Lee has to find Flora, and Lana needs to get a better security team.

3. Echoes Of OJ

After the phenomenal success of : The People v. OJ Simpson, it's hardly surprising that Murphy is still flexing those True Crime muscles in AHS: Roanoke. Lee, a divisive, black public figure is put on trial not once, but twice, and controversially gets off. The OJ force is strong with this one.

Still, what Lee gains in legal freedom she loses in what really matters: She lives with the knowledge that she killed her husband, got possessed and killed a bunch of other people, and lost her daughter's respect in the process. For the first time, we have a motive strong enough to send someone back into the Roanoke house: Flora has gone missing, and Lee knows there's only one place she could be.

4. Return To Return To Roanoke

Not content with the blood and mayhem of Return to Roanoke, a bunch of intrepid paranormal investigators (or "douches") break into the cordoned-off Roanoke house to check out what really happened. Alone. On a Blood Moon. I think we can all agree with Lee when she tells them:

"You stupid fucks, you deserve to die."

The Spirit Chasers (accompanied by Ashley Gilbert (Leslie Jordan), the actor who played lovely, tiny, disemboweled Cricket on My Roanoke Nightmare) are on the case. Despite claiming "Spirit Chasers don't run!" (their own twist on "I ain't afraid of no ghosts," perhaps) the gang last about 12 seconds in the house before they're running for their lives, shouting as they do another nice AHS crossover:

"I haven't been this freaked out since were in that asylum!"

5. The Survivors

We got a decent serving of DEATH in the finale — Ashley and Spirit Chaser are chopped by Piggy and The Butcher, "Frat Boy," who is yanked away by Little Miss Chen), head Spirit Chaser is shot full of arrows and Lee is killed to consecrate the ground with her blood and go babysit tragic ghost girl Priscilla for evermore.

That leaves us with two survivors:

  • William Van Henderson (Denis O'Hare), the actor who played the ill-fated Elias in My Roanoke Nightmare, who declined to appear on Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell
  • Flora Miller, who is basically AHS 6's Private Ryan in terms of how many people have died trying to rescue her repeatedly throughout the season.

And, I guess, whoever the actress was that played Scathach, but this may be purposely shrouded in secrecy if Ryan Murphy wants to develop the character further after confirming that she's the first Supreme.

What was the greatest moment of American Horror Story: Roanoke for you? How did you feel about AHS 6 in general? Sound off in the comments!


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