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Warning: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare.

American Horror Story has a bit of a habit for scaring us half to death and the latest episode kept up with that tradition. If you thought last week's episode was rough just wait until you see what "Chapter 3" of My Roanoke Nightmare had in store for us. The latest installment took the Miller family into new territory as shocking truths were revealed about the location of their home. It made me want to hide behind the sofa.

Packed with horrifying moments that would make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, let's revisit some of the most terrifying moments from the episode — that is if you're brave enough.

1. The Butcher's Backstory

Kathy Bates send chills down our spine as The Butcher (via FX).
Kathy Bates send chills down our spine as The Butcher (via FX).

If there is one thing that American Horror Story does well, it's backstory. Much of Roanoke has been rather mysterious and very little had been revealed to the viewers about the supernatural entities that inhabit the farmhouse grounds. However, this week we got the opportunity to find out all about Kathy Bates' terrifying character. Her name is Thomasyn White and she became the temporary leader of the Roanoke Colony after her husband went to England for supplies.

White's colony betrayed her, leaving her to die until she was rescued by a rather disturbing supernatural witch — Lady Gaga's character. White found her betrayers and butchered them with a meat cleaver — hence her nickname, the Butcher. Mixed with a haunting score, this flashback provided us with a chance to see why White is so vicious and why is so protective of her land. If I were Matt and Shelby, I would be getting the hell out of that house.

2. Seance Of Terror

Would you communicate with The Butcher? (via FX)
Would you communicate with The Butcher? (via FX)

After Flora's disappearance last week, a psychic by the name of Cricket Marlow turned up at the house, wanting to offer his services to find the missing girl. Although skeptical at first, everyone agreed to let him perform his seance. The seance was not only used for the characters to get to the bottom of what's going on, it also informed the viewers and provided a great way to explain several of the supernatural characters' backstory.

The seance was terrifying as the Butcher appeared before Cricket and threatened everyone in the house. She ordered them all to leave and told them if she were to find Flora she would flayed her alive. How nice. Shelby and Matt found themselves believing the psychic as windows suddenly smashed and the candle was split in two right before their very eyes. Reminiscent of old haunted house movies, this scene was not only petrifying, it left us wanting to know more about the Butcher — which was revealed later in the episode. The seance had me reaching for the cushion, it was just that scary.

3. Mason Burned Alive

Shelby couldn't believe what she had seen. (via FX)
Shelby couldn't believe what she had seen. (via FX)

Lee's ex-husband Mason was fuming after finding out that she had taken their daughter, but his emotions got the better off him this week when he started accusing her of staging the kidnapping. After storming out of the haunted house, the Miller family were called by the police — they had found a body.

When the threesome arrived at the scene, they had discovered that it wasn't Flora's body — it was Mason's. What's worse is that the cameras that Matt had installed in their home showed Lee leaving the house in the middle of the night — could she really be capable of killing her ex-husband? Probably not — this sounds like Tthe Butcher's work as we've witnessed her sacrificing human lives in previous episodes. Scary or what?

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4. Searching For Flora

Lee struggles to cope with Flora's disappearance (via FX).
Lee struggles to cope with Flora's disappearance (via FX).

"Chapter 3" opens with the Miller family searching for Flora, however they have no luck. A bunch of volunteers and the police got involved, but they struggled to find the missing girl. The yellow sunset provided the backdrop for one of the weirdest scenes we've ever seen on American Horror Story.

Shelby, Matt and Lee stumbled upon an abandoned farmhouse at the bottom of the woods where they found two young hillbilly boys feasting on an animal. The boys could barely say anything at all but they kept yelling "croatoan" — as of yet we have no idea what this means, but it seems that it is either a word of protection or repellence. Who knows what happened to the boys? I'm guessing they had some sort of encounter with the supernatural tribe.

5. The Forest Ritual

Lady Gaga has never looked creepier (via FX).
Lady Gaga has never looked creepier (via FX).

Cricket Marlow convinced the Miller family to meet with the Roanoke tribe where they promised Thomasyn White that they would vacate the land if she helps them find Flora. At first, it looked as if White was going to agree to these terms but Shelby didn't take too kindly to Lee and Matt putting their home on the line. I'm confused about Shelby, though — one minute she wants to leave the house and never look back and the next she's willing to stay despite knowing what lurks beyond the forest.

In the middle of this negotiation, Matt had vanished. When Shelby searched for him she was devastated to find him engaging in sexual activity with Lady Gaga's character — while the hillbillies watched. It's as creepy as it sounds and no explanation was given as to why this had happened. Matt had no memory of this but Shelby refused to believe him and called the cops on Lee. Oh, Shelby. Have you learnt nothing yet?

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American Horror Story shows no signs of slowing down and with rumors of a huge twist coming later in the season, I fully expect things to get a lot darker before we get any answers. My Roanoke Nightmare continues to prove why it's the most terrifying American Horror Story yet.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX. What moment from the latest episode made you scream? Tell me in the comment section below.


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