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Stars such as Evan Peters and Cuba Gooding Jr. faced their fair share of challenges while working on Season 6 of American Horror Story, fending off the likes of Butchers, cannibals and even a grotesque Piggy Man. Fortunately, there was far more to Roanoke than just eating people and the occasional spot of disembowelment. In between the gruesome deaths, showrunner Ryan Murphy also managed to find some time to sex things up, usually with Sarah Paulson front and center.

During an interview with Goldderby, the Emmy Award-winning actress discussed how it felt to take a break from endlessly shouting "MATT!" to make out with two of her favorite co-stars, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Evan Peters.

Marcia Clark & O. J. Simpson Move From The Courthouse To The Bedroom

Early on, talk turned to the sex scene that took place between Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr., who had just finished working together on The People v. O.J. Simpson beforehand. In the show, the two actors played Marcia Clark and O.J. Simpson respectively, two characters diametrically opposed to one another in the court case of the century. Understandably then, the idea of the pair making out wasn't an easy one for either actor to get their head around.

Speaking about their first bedroom scene together, revealed that:

"In Episode 1, we were in bed together and we were just like... OJ and Marcia getting it on was not something we ever thought was going to happen. A lot of people on set were sniggering and thought it was pretty funny."

Anyone who saw The People v. O.J. Simpson before watching Matt and Shelby bump uglies in Roanoke may have experienced their very own , left aghast by the sight of these enemies taking each others' clothes off. Paulson agrees, describing the experience as rather odd to say the least:

"Making out with him was strange, I have to say. It was not long after I played Marcia. I was still holding onto that a little in my soul... It just felt so wrong. So terribly wrong."

So wrong, yet so right? Probably not. After all, Paulson and her partner Holland Taylor have given us relationship goals ever since the two started dating in 2015 and Cuba has since made things a tad awkward by lifting Paulson's skirt in public.

Sarah Paulson Is More Tight-Lipped About Kissing Evan Peters On American Horror Story

While Paulson went into great detail whilst describing the experience of kissing Cuba Gooding Jr., the actress had far less to say about the scenes where her character Audrey made out with onscreen husband, Rory (played by Evan Peters):

"That was the second time I got to make out with Evan... Dot got to be happily married to Evan [in Freak Show]. Who doesn't want to be married to Evan?"

Whether he has blue hair, purple hair or a bouffant wig, it's hard to imagine any fans who wouldn't want to be married to — although Paulson's girlfriend, Holland Taylor, may have a thing or two to say about that.

Unfortunately for Taylor, Paulson will probably continue her streak of bedding co-stars onscreen in Season 7 of American Horror Story, although who she'll make out with next isn't yet clear. After all, we still don't even know which character Paulson will be playing. Let's just hope that it's not this guy.


Who would you rather make out with from the cast of American Horror Story?

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