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Warning: This article contains major spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke.

American Horror Story went further into the wilderness in "Chapter 4" and left viewers stunned with shocking revelations and horrifying moments that changed the landscape of My Roanoke Nightmare forever. The origin of the Roanoke spirits was arguably the greatest moment of the episode as viewers finally found out why Thomasyn White a.k.a. The Butcher is so obsessed with keeping the living off her land and out that farmhouse.

White had massacred her colony on a cold October night and they are now bound to remain loyal to her for all of eternity. The flashback sequence also highlighted the relationship between White and Scathach — the witch who saved her life. The pair seem inseparable and although White appears to be the leader of the Roanoke colony, Scathach is, as Cricket Marlow says, "the bitch with the real power." However, as the credits were rolling, I couldn't shake the feeling that Scathach will be Thomasyn's downfall.

Scathach Seems Reasonable But The Butcher Is Not

The Witch showed Cricket the past. (via FX)
The Witch showed Cricket the past. (via FX)

Although it may be a bit of a stretch, Scathach was rather nice to friendly psychic Cricket Marlow once he had something to offer her. She may believe in the old Gods who, according to the show, are known to be rather wicked but she did come across as rather friendly when she realized that Cricket was able to see into her soul. Without so much as a second thought, the witch gave Cricket the answers that he was looking for by taking him back to the very beginning.

Many people had come onto the scared land and died without knowing the history, but here we saw this witch show some compassion to Cricket because he saw more in her than just her outside appearance and supernatural abilities.

Notice how Scathach looks rather shocked at the Butcher's murderous ways. (via FX)
Notice how Scathach looks rather shocked at the Butcher's murderous ways. (via FX)

She walked the psychic through everything with a friendly hand on his shoulder —similar to how she gently placed her hands on the Butcher in the same episode. It was also apparent that Scathach and Cricket had come to an understanding — they shared a mutual respect for one another and as a result he offered her Matt and she offered him the truth.

One thing that stood out for me was Scathach's reaction to White's murderous actions. The witch actually looks a little shocked when White murders Priscilla in the flashback, almost as if this isn't something that she would've condoned. Considering her and Cricket had come to this mutual understanding, it makes me wonder how she would've reacted had she known about The Butcher's decision to brutally kill and torture Cricket in her attempt to scare the Millers. I doubt the supernatural witch would've been okay with this especially because she let Cricket live earlier in the episode. White may have some explaining to do to her master.

Scathach Wants Matt For Herself, But The Butcher Wants Him Dead

Scathach made a connection with Matt. (via FX)
Scathach made a connection with Matt. (via FX)

Another thing that I thought was rather important is the fact that Scathach clearly wants Matt alive. It was apparent in last week's episode when she seduced him into having sex with her even though he has no memory of it ever happening — she has the ability to control people against their will. Again, she let Cricket live once her offered her Matt, making it clear that she obviously wants him alive.

Matt himself said that he and Scathach made an "intimate" connection, stronger than anything he ever felt. It's important though she wants more than just a sex puppet because somehow she was able to tell Matt her life story, even though they never spoke — I'm thinking it's through her mind connection, similar to how she can communicate her will to the Butcher.

Additionally, when Matt realised what he was doing and ran to save Shelby, Scathach called after him obviously upset at her abandonment. As I mentioned earlier, she can force people to do things against their will so why not just make him return. I think it's because she wants him to want her. She wants a partner, not just someone to fullfil her desires.

Thomasyn telling Matt and Shelby that they are her next victims. (via FX)
Thomasyn telling Matt and Shelby that they are her next victims. (via FX)

Taking all of this into account, I find it rather interesting that Thomasyn White wants to massacre the Millers, especially because her master wants Matt alive. Scathach craves Matt, therefore the Butcher would be killing someone that thee witch needs alive. Notice how Scatchach wasn't present at the Blood Moon sacrifice ritual.

White and the witch have been inseparable so far, especially during the flashback sequences, so I find it rather odd that Scathach wouldn't be present at this big moment for The Butcher. If White proceeds with her plan of killing Matt and Shelby, she may have to face the wrath of her master.

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Scathach Is The Only One Who Can Put The Roanoke Colony To Rest

Could Scathach silence The Butcher? (via FX)
Could Scathach silence The Butcher? (via FX)

One thing that was made clear in "Chapter 4" is that nobody has ever been successful in stopping the Butcher and the Roanoke Colony. The many residents that have lived in the farmhouse have all suffered and died at the hands of the Butcher. Cricket Marlow allegedly possessed the answer to ridding the land of the Colony once and for all but he was murdered. It is possible that Marlow will be supernaturally tied to the land now but he will be unable to leave the premises.

With that in mind, there is only one person who can put an end to all of this chaos and that is the same person responsible for starting it in the first place — Scathach. It was the Witch's idea for White to kill her colony and forever enslave the colonists in her control. If White pushes forward with her plan of killing the Millers, then perhaps Scathach will have to intervene and put an end to the violence once and for all.

Ryan Murphy did promise that a huge twist is coming and it's possible that it could be this — perhaps Scathach will arrive just in time to save Matt and Shelby and end the Butcher. It's obvious that Scathach has used violence herself and she clearly believes in dark magic and dark power, but The Butcher is a loose cannon and if she's not careful, then Scathach will have to put an end to her.

Check out a preview of "Chapter 5" below:

Thomasyn and Scathach seem to share a bond but as much as White would like to believe she is in control, it is Scathach who possesses the true power. If the Butcher threatens Matt, then she will have no problem reigning down terror on White and the colony. The Butcher had better be careful otherwise "the bitch with the real power"will end her once and for all.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX. Do you think Matt and Shelby are toast on next week's episode of Roanoke? Tell me in the comment section below.


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