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Warning: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke.

The latest season of American Horror Story is well underway and although many are busy speculating how Roanoke is connected to any of the previous seasons of the show, there is one character that has everybody talking. The latest episode of the hit Roanoke themed season explored the origin of Lady Gaga's witch character who we now know is called Scathach. Since this episode aired, many people have come up with unique theories about the character and how she many play into the entire shared universe of American Horror Story.

Some have suggested that she is the devil while others have suggested that she is the original Supreme witch. However, there was one detail in "Chapter 4" that convinced me that Scathach is an extremely important character in the shared universe of AHS — her dark magic could be responsible for creating the unusual type of ghosts seen on several seasons of American Horror Story.

Scathach's Knowledge Of The Blood Moon Ritual

The witch knows what she is doing. (via FX)
The witch knows what she is doing. (via FX)

In "Chapter 4" of Roanoke Scathach encourages Thomasyn White — the Butcher — to "discipline" her colonists for abandoning her. The witch informs White on how to "release the power of the blood moon" which will enslave the colonists into carrying out White's every command for all of eternity.

The ritual itself saw White massacre her colonists before offering herself to the witch. From this day onwards, the entire Roanoke colony became ghosts. I find it rather interesting that Scathach knew about the blood moon ritual and considering she practices old magic which, according the show, is one of the worst kinds, her knowledge is beyond our understanding at this point. Having said that, this isn't the first time that American Horror Story has used this ghostly premise, leading me to question if Scathach has much more involvement in AHS lore that we know.

The Ghosts Of Murder House And Hotel Are Similar To The Roanoke Colonists

If we remember back in "Chapter 1" of Roanoke, Shelby had no idea that White was actually a spirit, and this continued for several episodes. In both Murder House and Hotel the ghosts can interact with the living and the living have no idea they are talking to the dead.

Take Moira the maid for example, both Vivien and Ben Harmon interacted with Moira continually throughout the Murder House season yet they had no idea that she was actually dead. Violet also died about half way through Murder House and nobody knew that she was dead — her family were still able to interact with her as if she were alive.

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All Of The Ghosts Are Tied To The Places Where They Died

The dead residents of the Hotel Cortez are one big happy family. (via FX)
The dead residents of the Hotel Cortez are one big happy family. (via FX)

The Butcher made it clear in the latest episode of Roanoke that herself and the deceased colonists are tied to the farmhouse land for all of eternity. They cannot leave. Sounds familiar, right? That's because it is. In the first season of the show, those who died in the Murder House were forever tied to that building. When Adelaide was killed, Constance desperately tried to drag her daughter to the Harmon's garden so that her spirit would remain in the Murder House forever — that's how the process worked: if you die there, you stay there.

The same formula applies to Hotel — those who die in the Hotel Cortez are forever tied to the premises and cannot leave the building. Donovan — The Countess' vampire — had the opposite reaction to Constance in Murder House. When he was dying he pleaded with his mother to help him out of the Cortez so that he didn't have to spend all of eternity in the hotel complex.

Donovan escaped a fate of forever being trapped in the hotel. (via FX)
Donovan escaped a fate of forever being trapped in the hotel. (via FX)

I think it's extremely important that all roads lead back to the first season of the show — no matter how different the theme, the supernatural entities all take the same form as they did in Murder House and they are all forever tied to the supernatural locations in which they died. As creepy as it sounds, the Harmons found a happy ending together in the Murder House, as did the residents of the Hotel Cortez.

Could Scathach Be Behind The Ghosts Of American Horror Story Shared Universe ?

The woman with all the power. (via FX)
The woman with all the power. (via FX)

As powerful beings go, Scathach is one of, if not the most, powerful character ever seen on American Horror Story. With power like hers it's entirely possible that she had something to do with the ghosts of AHS. No matter the different time periods, every season of American Horror Story took place within the last 100 years until Roanoke. The flashbacks of Roanoke are easily as important as the present day moments, and they indicate the existence of the oldest AHS characters yet. With that in mind Shacach could easily be responsible for creating the ghosts of American Horror Story.

We only know a little about her, but she appears to be immortal as she's been alive for centuries. Perhaps she has something to do with the Murder House and the Hotel Cortez. Also, the blood moon ritual is used as a form of punishment — enslaving the colony under White's control for all of eternity. Perhaps a former resident of the Hotel Cortez or the Murder House got on the wrong side of Scathach and she sentenced them to eternity in these locations using dark magic. Stranger things have happened on American Horror Story. There is definitely more to this connection than meets the eye.

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There is definitely more to Scathach's magic than we know, but judging from her knowledge of the blood moon ritual and the fact that the supernatural entities from Roanoke take the same form and follow the same rules as the entities of Murder House and Hotel, I think it's safe to say that Scathach could be the key to solving the mystery of how the American Horror Story shared universe is connected.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX. Do you think Scathach could be the key to connecting every season of American Horror Story? Tell me in the comment section below


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