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Halloween's all about the thrills, right? Well, right after Ryan Murphy revealed that an upcoming season will combine characters from Coven and Murder House, the show's creator has given us even more thrills on Twitter today, with a very special announcement:

That's right, guys. It's time to play the Name Game again with Lana Winters, the fan favorite character who took center stage way back in Season 2. Short of Jessica Lange herself returning to American Horror Story, the return of Sarah Paulson's character from Asylum is one of the most exciting things that could happen to the show right now, which is already enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the dark twists and turns of the current season.

Check out some of the most f**ked up moments from past seasons of American Horror Story in the clip below:

This won't be the first time that Sarah Paulson has reprised one of her characters on multiple seasons of American Horror Story. The Emmy Award winner recently revived the role of Billie Dean Howard from Murder House on last season's Hotel for a one-off appearance in the finale, in a move which received high praise from fans of the show.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Although it's still unclear whether Lana Winters will appear in multiple episodes or just as part of a short cameo, it's entirely possible that Paulson will reprise the character in the Season 6 finale and no earlier. After all, it wouldn't surprise us if the famed reporter showed up to investigate the 'real life' haunting that took place behind the scenes of the reality show or even afterwards, reporting on the aftermath.

Murphy has already stated that the final episode of Roanoke will be different from the rest of the season, so Lana Winters could end up playing an integral role in whatever twist is thrown our way next. Thank god, then, that Lana Banana is more than up to the task, especially after surviving the nightmarish horrors of Briarcliff Manor.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

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Paulson's not the only recurring cast member to reprise a fan-favorite character across multiple seasons. Pepper and Sister Mary Eunice returned in Freak Show and Gabourey Sidibe’s Queenie met an unfortunate end in Season 5's Hotel, but the return of Lana Winters could be the most successful crossover yet. Sure, Paulson impressed in Season 1, but it wasn't until she played Lana Winters in Asylum that she became one of the most popular cast members on American Horror Story.

Now's your time to brush up on the lyrics to The Name Game before Lana Winters returns to our screens in the upcoming weeks:

Will Lana meet Audrey Tindall or will Paulson's new character die before she returns to the show? While we still don't know exactly what's in store for Winters on Roanoke, nothing would make us happier than hearing "Lana, Lana bo Bana Banana fanna fo Fana Fee fy mo Mana, Lana" sing the Name Game one last time with Jessica Lange. Wouldn't that be the greatest twist of all?


On a scale of 1 to Banana, how happy are you to see the return of Lana?


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