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Warning: This article contains potential spoilers from future episodes of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

American Horror Story has created a new terrifying world during its Roanoke season and the darker tone and documentary format have pushed more boundaries than the show ever has before. The latest episode concluded the Roanoke Nightmare documentary in a horrifying fashion as Matt and Shelby Miller managed to avoid the Butcher's meat cleaver.

Now with the nightmare apparently over we are faced with uncertainty going into tonight's "Chapter 6." Series creator Ryan Murphy promised us a huge twist and although he recently revealed some clues — including new information about the cast— we have been completely clueless about what the remainder of the season will be about. An ambiguous promo for "Chapter 6" led to some speculation also, but the FX execs are keeping this one close to the chest, just like they did with the theme earlier this year.

Despite all of this secrecy, some new information has come to light that gives us an insight into what "Chapter 6" is really about. If you'd wish to remain in the dark — so to speak — until after the episode airs and experience the twist then I urge you to stop reading now.

You still with me? Okay, great. Over in the United Kingdom, American Horror Story airs on FOX and the Sky TV Guide appears to have given away the synopsis for tonight's episode. Read it below:

"American Horror Story: Roanoke: The Roanoke nightmare returns as the actors prepare for three days of hell in the house. (S6, Ep6)"

Well there you have it first hand — the secrets of "Chapter 6" have been spilled. Tonight's episode, which doesn't air until Friday in the United Kingdom, has been shrouded mystery as Murphy promised fans there would be a huge twist but now we know what this momentous episode will be about. The documentary may be over, but the Roanoke Nightmare is just beginning. Let's take a look at what this synopsis could mean and how it will relate to the big twist.

What Does This Mean?

Sarah Paulson will play the actor who played Shelby in the "Roanoke Nightmare" documentary. (via FX)
Sarah Paulson will play the actor who played Shelby in the "Roanoke Nightmare" documentary. (via FX)

Now that the Roanoke Nightmare documentary has come to a conclusion, some of the AHS regulars will now be playing the actors who starred in said documentary. Sounds confusing, right? Allow me to give you an example. Sarah Paulson was playing an actor who starred in the dramatic re-enactment as Shelby Miller during the first five episodes of the season. Now, she will likely be playing that actress involved in the documentary. Considering Evan Peters only made one appearance as the dramatic re-enactment of Edward Phillipe Mott, I suspected that he would have to return as the actor who portrayed Mott as Peters is listed as a Roanoke series regular.

This new synopsis leads us to believe that "Chapter 6" will focus on the documentary crew spending three more days in the haunted Roanoke farm house. With Cheyenne Jackson's character clearly being pivotal clearly behind the whole thing, I wonder what his agenda is for pulling such a stunt. We know that the real Shelby and Matt Miller are still alive, but will the actors be so lucky if they re-enter that farmhouse?

Is This The Big Twist?

Preach Sister Jude! (via FX)
Preach Sister Jude! (via FX)

Murphy promised fans that a huge twist would be occurring in "Chapter 6" that nobody will be able to guess. While it's likely that the above synopsis is a big part of said twist, I'm thinking that there is still a lot that we don't know. "Chapter 6" clearly takes place over three days but that doesn't mean that all of the 'actors' will survive.

Murphy recently had this to say about "Chapter 6 and the big twist:

"It is a big turn. It’s the biggest plot twist we’ve ever done with the show. And there’s a startling announcement in Act 3 that resets the season up until Episode 10.”

This leads us to believe that the three day house horror with the "actors" will only last one episode. This means that although the TV guide may have revealed the synopsis for tonight's twist-filled episode, the remainder of the season is also shrouded in ambiguity. I'm curious as to what will happen in Act 3 of the episode though. Could we see a surprise return from an AHS regular?

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Who Will Play The Real Life Versions Of Scathach And The Butcher?

Lady Gaga and Kathy Bates (American Horror Story, FX)
Lady Gaga and Kathy Bates (American Horror Story, FX)

As the actors from the documentary will be returning to the Roanoke house grounds, this means we might actually encounter the real life versions of the spirits of the land. We've seen the real life versions of Shelby, Matt and Lee but we haven't seen the real versions of the supernatural entities or the Polk family.

Scathach, who has been played by Lady Gaga in the re-enactment, is an incredibly important character not only to this season but to the entire American Horror Story shared universe — she is the original supreme. This revelation from Ryan Murphy officially links Roanoke to Coven. Considering the character is of great importance, then a great AHS actor will need to portray her. With AHS veteran Taissa Farmiga returning to the show in the coming episodes, it is likely that she will play Scathach. I must admit, credit where credit is due, Gaga was awesome as Scathach and it's a shame she likely won't be back in the character. With Finn Wittrock also returning, it's likely that he will play the real Edward Phillpe Mott, especially considering Mott is a relative of Wittrock's Freak Show character and we know that Roanoke is connected to Freak Show.

Kathy Bates was great as The Butcher. (FX)
Kathy Bates was great as The Butcher. (FX)

Tomasyn White a.k.a. The Butcher was also extremely important to the narrative and although Shelby and Matt told us that the Butcher was burned alive by her son Ambrose during the Blood Moon sacrifice, the dramatic re-enactment showed her emerge from the flames and attempt to retrieve them. Also, remember that White said on several occasions that the land will always belong to her and her colony so I doubt we've seen the last of the character.

I'm really excited to see who could be playing the real life version of White — who could out perform Bates? That woman is terrifying in the role. I'm holding out hope that Jessica Lange will return and step into the role, she is the only AHS regular capable of going toe-to-toe with Bates, specifically when it comes to terrifying us all. Lange is currently filming Murphy's new FX drama Feud alongside AHS cast-mate Sarah Paulson, so I'm sure she could make an appearance if Murphy asked her to.

Me neither, Gaga. (via FX)
Me neither, Gaga. (via FX)

The synopsis has clearly revealed that "Chapter 6" of Roanoke will take the horror series in a brand new direction as the documentary crew return to the house from hell. With the entire fandom dying to know what the twist will be, I hope you can take heart in the fact that the synopsis has given us a hint of what "Chapter 6" will be about. One thing's for sure: My Roanoke Nightmare has come to an end, the true story of Roanoke is about to begin.

American Horror Story airs its twist-filled "Chapter 6" tonight on FX. What do you think about the new direction for Roanoke? Tell me in the comment section below.

[Source: Sky TV]


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