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creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk seem to take more glee in tormenting their viewers than the actual victims on the show — especially if this latest 'twist' is anything to go by.

After teasing the theme of Season 6 with a number of misleading trailers, the documentary approach of My Roanoke Nightmare certainly took fans by surprise, but that wasn't the last twist that the show runners had in store for us. No, right from the get-go, Falchuk promised EW that Episode 6 would flip this entire season of American Horror Story on its head with a twist that would be impossible to unravel;

"Even though the subject matter has gotten out, it’s irrelevant because nobody gets what we’re doing. No matter what you think it is, it’s not that. Then, Episode 6 comes and you’re like, ‘Wait! What happened?’"

Will the rest of Season 6 contain any moments as f**cked up as these?:

What Was The Big Twist In Episode 6?

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Naturally, online theories discussing what this big twist could be rained down like teeth at the Roanoke House, leading fans to imagine everything from ghostly talking heads to the idea that Season 6 hadn't even started yet. Instead, Episode 6 aired to reveal the most obvious twist of all;

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Admittedly, 'Chapter 6' was an exceptionally good episode that explored the idea of developing a My Roanoke Nightmare sequel with a surprising amount of finesse. Seeing the reenactment actors interact with their 'real-life' counterparts was everything we could have hoped for, stretching the likes of Evan Peters and Kathy Bates even more than we would have expected.

However, we can't help but feel disappointed that the twist was predicted so early on by the majority of fans, especially after the creators promised us that this development would be impossible to unravel prior to airing. In terms of story telling, Return To Roanoke: 3 Days In Hell could turn out to be one of the best story arcs we've ever seen on any of the six AHS seasons — but why promise an unpredictable twist when it was so obvious from the beginning? Unless, of course:

We Still Haven't Seen The 'Real' Twist Yet

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Sure, 'Chapter 6' did deliver in a sense, completely changing the nature of the show with its big reveal. But what if the unpredictable twist that Falchuk discussed actually pertains to Episode 10, the Season 6 finale?

Previous seasons of American Horror Story have veered off course before in their final episodes — who could forget the time jump in Asylum, or the bizarre epilogue in Hotel? However, considering how the creators have decided to completely rewrite the rules for Season 6, we wouldn't be at all surprised if the finale of Return To Roanoke: 3 Days In Hell turned out to be a complete game changer.

Check out the preview for Chapter 7 in the clip below:

Falchuk himself revealed in the aforementioned interview with EW that Season 6 is comprised of three unique stories;

If the first five episodes told the story of My Roanoke Nightmare and chapters 6-9 will explore the sequel, what will Episode 10 be?

The Episode 10 Twist Will Rewrite Everything We Know About Season 6

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Whatever the twist for Episode 10 might be, it's likely that the season finale will foreshadow what's next for American Horror Story in Season 7, and the secret season which Murphy has also discussed.

If this twist is the game-changer that we'd hoped for, then there's a slim chance that one particularly outlandish fan theory from Redditor MartynLann could hold some weight — That every season of American Horror Story has been a documentary linked by the same actors who reappear each year in different reenactment roles.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Sure, there are potentially a number of counter-arguments to disprove this theory —including that time Sarah Paulson's Hypodermic Sally met Paulson's Billie Dean Howard — but this would cement Murphy's claim that Season 6 will finally reveal how each episode is linked.

See also:

Whether this theory turns out to be true or not, we're certain that the Episode 10 twist will eclipse everything that we've already seen in Season 6 to date, including the shift to Return To Roanoke: 3 Days In Hell that aired this week. Who knows? Maybe it'll turn out that Season 6 was building up to The Mist theme all along...


Were you surprised by the twist in Episode 6?

Source - EW, Reddit


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