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Out of all the recurring cast members set to return in Season 6 of , there's only one that diehard fans truly care about. Forget Lady Gaga. Finn who? As each episode of has passed us by, we've fervently scanned our screens hoping to see the original American Horror Story prodigy herself, Taissa Farmiga.

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[Via FX]

For weeks now, fans have suspected that Farmiga will be revealed as the 'real-life' version of Scáthach, Lady Gaga's character in the reenactments of My Roanoke Nightmare. We last saw Taissa in the role of Zoe Benson, one of the baddest witches in town back in Season 3's Coven, so it would have made sense for her to reappear in Roanoke as the original Supreme herself.

Check out Farmiga's blink and you'll miss it return in the promo for Chapter 9:

However, eagle-eyed Redditors seem to have spotted Farmiga in the promo for Episode 9 — and there's no freaky Scáthach headdress in sight. Admittedly, Taissa's character could be wearing it off camera, but we highly doubt that she'd combine the antlers with that denim look. After all, there must be mirrors in Farmiga's dressing room, and Halloween's been and gone.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

The sceptics among you may question how we can be so certain that this is Taissa and not some other long-haired, denim-clad young lady with a penchant for taking selfies in the woods, but there's two reasons why we know that this is definitely Taissa.

1. Yes, it could be considered a stretch, but dat hair doe...

2. More importantly, Murphy's promised us that Farmiga will appear this season, and with only two episodes to go, Taissa needs to rock up pretty sharpish. It's hard to deny that the girl in the preview looks exactly like Farmiga and it would make sense that a fan favorite like her would feature in the promo, albeit for a brief moment. Murphy does love to tease us with hints and clues, after all.

Who Will Taissa Farmiga Play In Roanoke?

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[Via FX]

While there's no official episode synopsis available for Chapter 9 yet, it looks like Roanoke are adding yet another layer to the meta-approach of Season 6.

Audiences first watched reenactments of what happened to Shelby and Matt in the Roanoke House, followed by a return to the set where 'real-life' hauntings began to transpire. As if the freaky straw figures weren't enough, it seems that American Horror Story will draw yet even more inspiration from the Blair Witch Project by adding in a trio of backpackers who arrive to investigate the story of the Blood Moon.

Will Chapter 9 reveal anything as f**ked up as these classic moments from past seasons?:

Could Taissa play a similar role to Heather from the original Blair Witch Project, crying snot in the woods while her male companions ignore her warnings? Although there's currently little else to go on other than this short promo, we're hoping that Murphy won't short-change Farmiga, and will instead give her a more important role befitting the original cast member's comeback.

What if Taissa's character was more closely tied to the Blair Witch homage than we suspected, and ends up playing another witch who could rival Scáthach's power? There may even be a chance that she could return as Coven's Zoe Benson somehow. After all, anything's possible within the realms of magic, and we'd be surprised if her character didn't reappear in the upcoming Coven/Murder House crossover. However, we shouldn't dismiss the fans' original theory in its entirety.

Taissa Farmiga Could Still Play The 'Real' Scáthach

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[Via FX]

Just because Farmiga seems to be allied with the other investigators in next week's promo doesn't mean that she can't still be the 'real' Scáthach. After all, the flashbacks in the reenactment section of the season proved that Scáthach doesn't always behave like a feral, demonic creature. Although it's unlikely, there's a chance that the original Supreme could masquerade as an investigator in order to seduce her newfound companions or to achieve some other end that we're not aware of yet.

With only two episodes to go, we'd be surprised if Murphy doesn't reveal the 'real-life' Scáthach in more detail, following her brief appearance in Shelby's basement. Plus, let's face it: that could have easily been Farmiga still underneath that bird's nest of a wig, just grunged up and high on Supreme life.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

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Whether Taissa really does play Scáthach or someone else more closely inspired by the Blair Witch Project, we're sure that Murphy will give her the kind of role she deserves. Failing that though, there's still the upcoming Coven/Murder House crossover to look forward to. Bring back Farmiga with Jessica Lange in tow too and we could be looking at the best season of American Horror Story that's aired yet!


Do you think Taissa Farmiga will play the 'real' Scáthach?


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