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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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OK, AHS Season 6 is stepping up its game right now. While the first two episodes were enjoyable, they were more strange than frightening, and it's great to see Episode 3 getting dark... like, WAY dark. Check out what went down in American Horror Story S06 E03.

Doll Parts & Broken Things

This episode felt like a game changer in terms of the season's tone. Little Flora is still missing, and the imagery became more and more grotesque. Lee desperately searches for her kid and finds doll parts smeared with blood laid out with pig legs and organs in revolting arrangements in the woods. A burning body is found — Lee's husband, Mason — and blood flows freely (but more on that later).

The creep factor culminates in a marvelous (and literal) climax when Shelby finds her husband having a bad romance with Lady Gaga in the woods, bestially rutting surrounded by hunched hillbillies gleefully jacking off. Top marks, Murphy, this episode knocked it out the ball park.

The Feral Children

The starkest scene of this episode was the feral children found at the old Polk farm, snarling and suckling at the teats of a giant sow. The only word they seem able to say is "Croatoan," screaming wildly at the law enforcers and doctors trying to rehabilitate them.

Sadly, this scenario is very reminiscent of a real-life case that took place in the Australian outback a few years back, and likely inspired the events of this episode. Feral children, deformed by generations of compound inbreeding, were found wandering in the wilderness. Their "community" consisted of 40 people, mostly children who were incapable of intelligible speech and showed signs of bizarre sexual behavior; these deeply scarred and abused children would interact sexually with each other and animals. A few details were remarkably similar to the events of this episode; in both the show and real life, a fridge, disconnected from a power supply, was found at the scene, full of rotten, maggot-infested food. The family in Australia was given the pseudonym "Colt" to keep the child victims anonymous; pretty similar to the feral children in AHS, "Polk."

The Back Story Of The Butcher

Finally, the back story of Kathy Bates's character, Thomasin White, is explained! Cast out by her community and locked into a nag's bridle, Thomasin has a wilderness walkabout until she goes full disco and sells her soul to Lady Gaga. After munching on a still-beating pig heart like a North Carolina Khaleesi, Thomasin returns to wreak bloody havoc on those who sentenced her to exile.

Bates really steals the show in this episode, spitting lines like this firecracker:

''I protect this place, this place is mine... I shall stack the bodies high...''

As Cricket the psychic says, we're getting to the level of things that ''cannot be processed by terrestrial thinking.'' On a more incidental note, stout Thomasin asserting her matriarchal dominance with a meat cleaver may be familiar to fans of PS3 classic Sleeping Dogs; that game's star, for me, was always the cleaver-wielding Mrs. Chu.


If we thought that Cricket was pushing some ''Cirque du Soleil bullshit,'' he effectively silenced doubts by dropping a bombshell: He knows about Lee's dead daughter, Emily. Lee's had one kid disappear and another taken by an undead kid from the past (henceforth to be known as Priscilla, Queen of the Forest), so she probably shouldn't be allowed custody of children. The acting was tight, and tension crackled when Cricket told Lee in little more than a whisper:

''Emily says hello, she wonders why you quit looking for her all those years ago.''


Weirdo psychic Cricket is brought in, and if I were to go deep into conspiracy theories, I'd say that he could be a kind of Jiminy Cricket conscience character... How this ties into the promised "big twist," I have no clue. Still, there was a magical meta moment when Cricket tells the Millers:

''You only think you know the story'.'

This echoes exactly what Ryan Murphy said to EW when he told us that we're eating up what he's serving but we don't know shit. Murphy said smugly:

''The show has a huge turn and the thing that you think you’re watching is not what you’re watching.''

OK, Mr. Murphy. Game on.


Would you have moved the hell out of that terrifying house by now?

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