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The concept of meta lost all meaning in the Season 6 finale of American Horror Story, as Roanoke became a cluster f**k of shows based on shows that develop into shows... yeah, we're still reeling, but whether you loved it or hated it, Chapter 10 was one of the most thrilling episodes that American Horror Story has ever produced.

The embers of the Roanoke house may still be warm, but it's time now for American Horror Story fans to look ahead at what's next for the show. Ryan Murphy reinvigorated the formula with his most ambitious theme yet, so hopes are high for Season 7.

Sure, one could argue that we're being too eager, but Murphy has already suggested that American Horror Story could start pumping out two seasons a year thanks to the shorter running time and reduced episode count of Roanoke. If that's true, then Season 7 could arrive as soon as summer 2017 — but in that case, what could the story be?

American Horror Story: Flora

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

After fans were hit by reality shows within a show within a show, the final scenes of the Season 6 finale slowed the pace, exploring the thematic core of motherhood in an intimate sequence that reverted to the traditional aesthetics of the show.

Murphy promised us months ago that children would play a central role in Season 6, but after the theme of Roanoke was finally revealed, it appeared that the show's creator had somewhat exaggerated their importance — that is, until the ending of Chapter 10.

In a shock twist, Lee died protecting her daughter Flora, who became the ultimate survivor of the Roanoke house. Season 6 pushed the crossover elements of American Horror Story to the next level this year, so it's not much of a stretch to imagine that we'll soon see Lee's disturbed daughter again, possibly even in Season 7.

Check out precisely how important Flora is in this Roanoke Name Game clip:

Whether the show jumps forward in time or retains Flora's youth, the girl's return would provide Murphy with the perfect opportunity to explore something akin to the Antichrist themes that many believed would be the focus of Season 6.

Way back in Chapter 1, Lee also mentioned another child of hers who was abducted, yet no mention has been made of her since. However, the suspicious circumstances surrounding her disappearance suggested a strong link to the Countess from Season 5, so there's a chance that Flora's character could somehow crossover with elements of Hotel too.

Could Roanoke Link With The Murder House/Coven Crossover?

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Looking even further ahead, Murphy also confirmed recently that a Murder House/Coven crossover is in the works, which will likely be the focus of the eighth season. If Flora and the events of Roanoke don't feature heavily in Season 7, it's more than likely that the Butcher and her pitchfork-wielding buddies will swing by for the crossover at some point.

After all, the way in which the spirits acted in Roanoke strongly resembled the spirits who haunted the Harmon family in Season 1, and the legacy of Lady Gaga's Scáthach formed the entire basis of Coven. The original Supreme was conspicuously absent from the Season 6 finale, so we wouldn't be surprised if more information was revealed about her character when the baddest witches in town return alongside the cast of Murder House.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

In a striking parallel with Season 1, future seasons of American Horror Story could see Flora return to the Roanoke house itself. The finale already set up the possibility of adult Flora paying a visit to Lee, who is now condemned to roam the burned-out ruins of Roanoke for all eternity with Priscilla, her newly adopted ghost child. Who wants to bet money that Flora will pop by precisely when the blood moon rises, despite Lee's advice to the contrary?

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Roanoke contained more references to other characters and settings than any other season to date, suggesting that Season 6 will be pivotal to American Horror Story lore. Whether the impact of the Scáthach and the Butcher is felt in Season 7 or beyond, we can't help but assume that Flora will also make a surprise appearance further down the line. After all, that deranged child is just too damn creepy to ignore.


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