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When viewers aren't busy screaming or playing a quick game of 'Where's Gaga?', one of the best parts about watching American Horror Story is spotting all of the links between each season.

We've already seen the likes of Pepper from Asylum appear in Freak Show, and Coven's Queenie stop by the Hotel Cortez. Although we're only two episodes into Season 6, fans are already beginning to theorize how My Roanoke Nightmare ties into the wider American Horror Story universe.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Season 6 contains a number of callbacks to Murder House with the return of Piggy Man and the nurse motif from Season 1 — but that's not all. Earlier this week, a promising fan theory emerged online that suggested Shelby could actually be a witch, promising links with Season 3's Coven. However, direct ties to Freak Show were on the ground — until now.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that My Roanoke Nightmare is directly connected to Freak Show through everyone's favorite psychopath Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock), who died in the Season 4 finale.

Check out Dandy's grisly demise in the clip below:

Murphy revealed the link by teasing that:

“We explain how the Motts began which is funny.”

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

We think Murphy meant to say "horrifying" or "disturbing" rather than "funny", but we can also see where's he's coming from. The absurdity of Dandy's family life certainly deserves to be explored in more detail.

See also:

While it's unclear how the Mott family will return in My Roanoke Nightmare, Murphy also revealed that many more fan favorites will make a welcome appearance this season. He promised we'd be seeing:

Could any of American Horror Story's most disturbing characters reappear in Season 6?:

The first name that instantly springs to mind is Jessica Lange, whose iconic return to prominence catapulted American Horror Story to instant classic status — but it's unclear how likely an appearance from her would be. Regardless, if My Roanoke Nightmare continues to innovate in this way, Season 6 of American Horror Story could end up being the best one yet.

Which characters would you like to see return in American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare?

Source - Entertainment Weekly


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