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Did you notice how Shelby lives in a house, just like the characters from Season 1? Or how the people in My Roanoke Nightmare are scared a lot, just like the asylum inmates in Season 2?

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

When series creator Ryan Murphy first revealed that each season of American Horror Story is officially connected, he probably didn't realise quite what he'd let himself in for. This single comment opened the floodgates to wild speculation across the worldwide web. However, for every ridiculous connection that audiences have desperately tried to piece together, there's a number of fan theories out there that use real evidence to back their claims.

Whether you believe that Shelby could in fact be a witch from Coven or that every season is linked by unseen documentarians, we know that links exist; Murphy himself confirmed this once again last week by revealing that My Roanoke Nightmare will explore the backstory of Freakshow's Dandy and now Episode 3 has unveiled a genuine connection to Season 5's Hotel, which could even signal the return of Lady Gaga's Countess in Season 6.

How Does My Roanoke Nightmare Link To American Horror Story: Hotel?

While everyone was distracted by finally seeing the people who work behind the cameras in the talking head segments, Lee recounted a shocking revelation from her youth which the documentary filmmakers asked her to elaborate on in further detail.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

This was all prompted by the psychic medium, Cricket Marlow, who whispered a message to Lee from her first daughter.

"Emily says hello. She wonders why you quit looking for her all those years ago."

After some prodding, Lee reveals that she'd given birth to a child called Emily years before Flora was conceived. Unfortunately though, Lee's first daughter disappeared at the age of 4 after she was foolishly left alone in a car for five minutes.

What Does This Have To Do With Lady Gaga's Countess?

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[Via FX]

Lee's revelation was extremely powerful thanks to Adina Porter's gut-wrenching performance — and the implications that arose in connection with the disappearance of her second daughter were rather chilling. However, aside from a spot of negligence, we're absolutely certain that Lee had nothing to do with the disappearance of Emily, her first daughter, and here's why.

In Season 5, John Lowe's family was ripped apart in the aftermath of his son's abduction, which was repeatedly referred back to in painful flashbacks that haunted the police detective in each episode. As the season progressed, we eventually discovered that Lady Gaga's Countess was the one who kidnapped Holden from the Santa Monica amusement park, and was now raising him as one of her vampire children.

Check out more messed up moments from American Horror Story in the clip below:

It seems strange that the story of Emily wasn't referred to again after Lee recounted her tale, which suggests that her kidnapping will come into play more in future episodes. While the initial focus will likely revolve around how this could impact Lee's chances of evading prison time in the present, it's not much of a stretch to imagine that a supernatural force was involved somehow in Emily's disappearance. The parallels between this abduction and Holden's kidnapping are too clear to ignore, suggesting that the Countess could somehow make a grand return in Season 6.

Does This Mean Lady Gaga's Countess Will Appear In My Nightmare Roanoke?

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Lady Gaga may have already appeared as another character in My Roanoke Nightmare, engaging in arcane rituals and freaky forest sex, but there's nothing stopping her from revisiting the role of the Countess too.

Some of the American Horror Story alumni have played multiple characters in one episode before, most notably when psychic Billie Dean Howard met Hypodermic Sally in American Horror Story: Hotel, so it would be easy for the Countess to return in a logistical sense.

Did Emily become a white-haired vampire like Holden thanks to the Countess?:

The main issue here is that Gaga's character died at the end of Season 5 and became trapped forever as a ghost in the Hotel Cortez. How the various timelines of each season connect hasn't been revealed yet, but it would be easy to feature the Countess in flashbacks at the very least, revealing how she first kidnapped Lee's daughter, Emily, without having to necessarily include her in the present day too.

See also:

As we're still only three episodes into My Roanoke Nightmare, it's unclear how important Emily's disappearance will be in the grand scheme of things. However, Murphy has repeatedly emphasised that children will play a pivotal role in Season 6 and we couldn't think of anyone better to reappear than the Countess, whose role in American Horror Story: Hotel won an Emmy for Lady Gaga.


Do you think Lady Gaga's Countess will appear in American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare?


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