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Past seasons of American Horror Story have been entirely upfront with viewers, giving up the goods from the get-go. While this scored Ryan Murphy's show lots of attention back in the day, more recent seasons haven't received as much love as they used to. As a result of this, American Horror Story decided to take a new approach this season, teasing and seducing audiences like Matt Bomer's Magic Mike stripper in the run-up to Roanoke.

[Via Warner Bros. Pictures]
[Via Warner Bros. Pictures]

We're now nine episodes into American Horror Story's sixth season, and even though there's only one instalment left to go, Murphy still hasn't given away his grand reveal. He's holding back one last surprise in the form of Matt Bomer, who usually appears as a regular on the show.

Fans of Bomer's... talents were hot under the (white) collar when he took a central role in Season 5, so viewers have waited patiently for Matt's return in Roanoke — all to no avail. Instead of seeing the Matt that fans know and love, we've been subjected to Shelby's never ending screams for her husband, teasing us with her incessant wails of "Maaaaatt" — when in reality, there's still no Bomer in sight.

Where's My Bomer?

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Bomer revealed that he would return for his third season of American Horror Story in Roanoke. Yet so far, guest turns from the likes of Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock have come and gone, with no sign of Bomer still.

Fans fervently pining for Bomer have wondered whether Matt already appeared without us noticing. While this may sound absurd, Roanoke has been full of recurring cast members who Murphy hid under copious layers of makeup. After all, Finn Wittrock was almost unrecognizable as the hillbilly Jether Polk.

IMDB initially seemed to confirm that we'd missed Bomer by listing him as a cast member in both Chapters 9 and 10, but the site has since removed his name from this week's episode, as the actor didn't even appear in the credits. Fortunately, the wait will finally be over once Bomer pops up in the Season 6 finale, but one question remains.

Who Will Matt Bomer Play?

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Fans initially suspected that Bomer could play the real-life version of the Butcher's son, Ambrose White, but IMDB scuppered that rumor too when they listed parkour athlete Jesse La Flair as Wes Bentley's counterpart.

Short of taking on the real-life version of someone like Scáthach, it seems more likely that Bomer will play a new character linked with Lee's trial or interview, such as Lana Winters's director or a lawyer involved in the case.

Check out the preview for Roanoke's Season 6 finale below:

Perhaps Bomer will take a cameo role as Neil Caffrey from White Collar, working with the FBI to put Lee behind bars once and for all. Now that would be the mother of all meta moments! Failing that, we can always hold out hope that Matt may reprise the role of Ken from Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, giving everyone the firm Bomer that we've longed for.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

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Whether Murphy takes our suggestions into account or decides to give Bomer a different role entirely, we'll just be happy to see the American Horror Story alum finally return to our screens in the Season 6 finale. There'll be hell to pay if he doesn't.


Who do you think Matt Bomer will play in Roanoke?

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