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We may finally know what the theme is for Season 6 of American Horror Story, but the mystery is far from over. AHS creator and all-round sadist Ryan Murphy has thrown a whole new set of question our way following the TV premiere of My Roanoke Nightmare.

Chapter 2 of American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare hasn't even aired yet, but fan theories have already begun to rain down faster than the teeth in Shelby's back yard. One theory in particular holds the power to change the way we view American Horror Story if it turns out to be true, as it links every episode in the show's entire run.

Check out some of the most disturbing moments from American Horror Story so far in the video below:

Fan theories that actually come true are rarer than lame Jessica Lange quotes, but we have faith that Redditor Adamtheimpaler may genuinely be onto something with his idea of how Season 6 could move forward. See what you think of his theory, which argues that there could be even more layers to the documentary aspect of the show than we were first led to believe.

Everyone's An Actor On The Show

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

So far, Episode 1 of Season 6 has played out as a duel narrative, flipping between the 'real life' Miller's and 'actors' who are portraying what happened to the couple in a documentary-style reenactment.

As if this wasn't unique enough, Redditor Adamtheimpaler has suggested that the narrative may evolve even further. He suggests that the focus could shift to follow the reenactment performers behind the scenes, where they're haunted by ghosts in the 'real world' too.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Ideally, the transition would take us by surprise by occurring in the middle of a scary scene, when a director suddenly shouts "cut" out of nowhere and everyone slips out of role, taking off their wigs and complaining about the terrible shooting conditions.

Just imagine the likes of Kathy Bates returning to her trailer on set, only to be haunted by actual spirits that mirror the events of the documentary that she's shooting in the 'real-life' locations.

Is There Any Evidence To Support This 'American Horror Story' Fan Theory?

Towards the end of American Horror Story's mysterious promotional campaign, some fans began to suspect that Season 6 would follow a Hollywood-style theme. The teaser titled Blind Date and the numerous horror movie homages threaded throughout the trailers certainly seemed to support this. While that didn't turn out to be the central theme, there's still a chance that an on-set haunting could take place in the way that this fan theory suggests.

The fact that those reenacting the story seem to be the more famous actors (Sara Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett) also gives some credence to the theory, as these would be the characters who became more prominent as the season develops.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the word "my" in the title My Roanoke Nightmare is far more personal than the usual season titles such as Asylum and Freakshow. This would make sense, if it turns out that Season 6 focuses on the actors themselves as they experience their very own personal nightmare on set.

What If This Fan Theory Could Connect Every Single Episode Of American Horror Story?

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

As if that wasn't meta enough, Redditor MartynLann has taken the theory to a whole new level, connecting every single episode of American Horror Story that's ever been released using the documentary element of Season 6 as a starting point:

"What if it turns out that all of [these] seasons have been documentaries and that's why they keep using the same actors and actresses?"

While we've already seen a few links between seasons, Ryan Murphy recently stated that Season 6 would finally reveal how every episode is ultimately linked in an overarching universe, which seemingly fits in perfectly with this fan theory.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Just imagine if the likes of Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates have actually been playing themselves as actors this whole time, working on numerous paranormal documentaries such as 'Asylum' and 'Hotel' on a fictional show called 'American Horror Story'.

A teaser called Anthology also linked every season before the premiere of My Roanoke Nightmare aired:

It's a mind-blowing theory — albeit one that potentially has a few holes in it. Yet, if this did turn out to be true, it would be a real game-changer for the show, explaining why the actors play numerous roles in real-world terms. Such a move could alienate audiences who might feel confused or even cheated by this approach, but Murphy's always been a ballsy show runner, so it's not outside the realms of possibility.

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Whether this fan theory proves to be true or not though, we still can't wait to see what else the creators have lined up for us as the rest of My Roanoke Nightmare plays out. Fingers crossed for a surprise cameo from Jessica Lange, reprising her role as The Supreme to remind the rest of these bitches how it's done.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Do you think each season of American Horror Story could really be connected in this way?

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