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Following a few casting announcements and some fake news regarding Trump's upcoming involvement in the show, Season 7 of American Horror Story finally started delivering the scares with this first glimpse of the new monster. Cue severe insomnia, haunting nightmares and a life-long fear of the zoo.

Not only is this clown elephant combo creepy AF, but it also hints further at how Season 7 will incorporate horror into the already terrifying election theme. After all, anyone who holds even a vague interest in American politics will know that the Republican party chose to use an elephant as a key symbol. Given this and the leering smile on this monster's face, it's not hard to tell exactly where show runner Ryan Murphy's political interests lie.

Could This Monster Connect Season 7 To Previous Chapters Of American Horror Story?

What's perhaps most interesting though is how the smiling pachyderm shares some surprising similarities with monsters previously depicted on . In every season to date, masks have played a role of some sort, from the Rubber Man in Season 1 to Twisty the Clown in Season 4. In these instances though, the threat has been mostly human, rather than supernatural.

However, earlier seasons of American Horror Story have also depicted a number of threats that bear the face of an animal, including the Minotaur from Coven and the Piggy Man in Roanoke. Both monsters were reanimated by the magic of Marie Laveau and The Blood Moon respectively before terrorising/having sex with the likes of Queenie and Shelby. In both cases, the Minotaur and the Piggy Man then worked in servitude of others. Could this provide us with some clues as to the elephant monster's motivation in Season 7?

What we do know is that this elephant monster isn't based on any real-life serial killers like these guys:

Whether the new creature is unique or one of many, its possible that Season 7 may continue the aforementioned trend and place the animal hybrid under the control of others. Given the political symbolism at hand, we wouldn't be surprised if a number of these smiling elephant monsters will end up working under the control of the 'evil' Republican party or a group designed to symbolise their political ideology.

If this is true, then it's also likely that magic will somehow be involved in bringing these monsters to life. After all, animal masks are often used in ritualistic worship. Does this mean then that Season 7 will be tied to magic-users from previous seasons?

Ryan Murphy continues to connect each season of American Horror Story with more and more links. Knowing that the magic of Coven will soon combine with the horror of Murder House in a crossover season, use of magic in Season 7 could bridge the gap and set up this highly anticipated chapter of the show, perhaps through the character of Scáthach, the original Supreme.

Whatever "batshit" ideas the writing team come up with next for Season 7, we just hope that the elephant monster will help the election theme rank high as one of the best seasons of American Horror Story yet, trumping all others.


Will the elephant creature link to previous seasons of American Horror Story?

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