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While the majority of American Horror Story fans are more interested in who the new monster might be or how Donald Trump will appear in Season 7, our biggest concern has become whether Evan Peters will lose his luscious locks or not.

After all, the fan-favorite actor has sported a number of different looks in the past, pulling off blond, brunette and even ginger during his time on the show so far. There's only so much dye that a man's hair can take before he starts losing it completely, and unfortunately for his follicles, a new picture posted by American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy hints that Peters may go full-on Smurf/Katy Perry in Season 7.

The caption hints that this picture contains a “red, white and blue clue,” but so far, it's unclear what this signifies, or whether the person pictured is in fact Evan Peters. However, given his fondness for hair dye, the length of the hair pictured and the fact that he remains one of the few cast members confirmed so far, it seems likely that Peters is in fact the cast member depicted above.

If that's true, then who could the blue-haired wonder be playing? Given the unusual color of his hair, it's unlikely that Evan Peters will be cast as a run-of-the-mill politician. Instead, we imagine that the alumni will play a more unusual role in Season 7, possibly as some kind of otherworldly entity. Unfortunately, a quick glance over Evans's previous roles on the show gives little indication of who that might be, as Peters has taken on everything from lobster-handed boys to zombies who were sexually assaulted by their mothers.

Furthermore, no significant characters have had blue hair in the past, so there's no clue here to signify whether this character will be linked to earlier chapters, despite knowing that Season 7 will reportedly contain more crossovers with previous seasons than ever before.

Whatever happens, Peters may need to put that wig from back on if he hopes to protect his hair from the damage caused by excessive coloring. Priorities, people!

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