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Long before Twisty enchanted fans with his murderous grin in Freak Show, horror icons such as Stephen King's Pennywise ensured that clowns would never find work again, forever scarring us with a severe case of coulrophobia. However, a new teaser for Season 7 of American Horror Story brings us full circle, liberally borrowing from Bill Skarsgård's murderous character with an emphasis on cults and nightmarish clowns.

How politics will come into play remains to be seen, but given the confirmed return of Freak Show's Twisty, it seems likely that his infamous murders in the '50s have sparked a copycat wave of serial killers inspired by his clownish ways.

Earlier this week, the Twitter account for FX Latin America also leaked another potential trailer that featured a new contender for World's Most Disturbing Clown. While creator Ryan Murphy is yet to comment on the veracity of this teaser, this FX Latin America did also prematurely post real promos for Season 6, so there's a strong chance that this footage is legit.

What are you waiting for? Delve into your nightmares and watch the terrifying clip below!

Whether this clip is authentic or not, it's hard to deny that the clowns that star in both teasers are terrifying as hell. However, anyone with even a passing familiarity with the upcoming IT movie may have noticed the striking similarity between these figures and Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. From the leering smile to the abundance of red balloons, it looks as though American Horror Story may be inspired by Bill Skarsgård's new role in the upcoming season, perhaps even a little too much.

While Andres Muschietti's adaptation of hasn't floated into cinemas just yet, Season 7 of American Horror Story will air around the same time that the film is released, inviting inevitable comparisons between the two projects. As we already know, Season 7 will still evoke similar imagery thanks to the return of Freak Show's Twisty and the clownish monsters that have already been unveiled — although it's debatable whether some of these creatures will in fact appear for certain on the show.

IT [Credit: New Line Cinema]
IT [Credit: New Line Cinema]

In some ways, it would be risky for AHS to put clowns front-and-center around the same time that 's IT has returned to the public eye. That said, American Horror Story has always been capable of putting its own spin on even the most generic horror tropes and can't monopolize clowns forever.

What remains unclear is how clowns will relate to the political theme of Season 7. Our best guess right now is that the red symbolism is linked to the Republican party in some way, or perhaps Murphy and his team are simply comparing the arena of government to a circus. Either way though, we're confident that will continue to chip away at our sanity when the show returns later this fall, linking Season 7 to the overall timeline in even more surprising ways than ever before.

Do you think American Horror Story should avoid clowns while IT shows in cinemas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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