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Ever since Ryan Murphy first revealed that each season of American Horror Story is set in the same universe, fans have gone cross-eyed examining every scene, desperately searching for any potential connections between the six seasons that have aired to date.

Season 7 will help join the dots even more, but many fans are already looking ahead to Season 8, where it's rumored that the Murder House/Coven crossover will finally take place.

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While we know that characters from both the first and third season of American Horror Story will inevitably meet here for the first time, Murphy has kept the specifics of how and why close to his chest... until now.

Here's How Murder House And Coven Will Connect

American Horror Story [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story [Credit: FX]

Speaking to EW, the show's creator revealed exactly how the two worlds will combine, explaining that;

“It’s a character from season 1 that will be thrust into the world that you are left with at the end of Coven, which is sort of like the male/female/witch academy. And then all of those characters will intertwine, which is confusing because some of them are from seasons 1 and 3. Like, Sarah Paulson will probably be playing 18 characters.”

While the idea of Paulson playing 18 characters brings us unbridled joy — even if it's clearly not true — Murphy's tease may have very well revealed the plot of Season 8 and perhaps even the return of a beloved fan favorite.

Who Will The Main Character Be In The American Horror Story Crossover?

American Horror Story [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story [Credit: FX]

Given that the protagonist who we're set to follow joins the academy, this rules out the many people who became ghosts by the end of Season 1, as each of them should all remain trapped in the Murder House. If that's the case, then characters such as Marcy the realtor and Sarah Paulson's Billie Dean Howard could theoretically return for the crossover, although there's no reason why either of them would join a school for witches.

Instead, our money is on Michael, the demonic antichrist who murdered his nanny in the Season 1 epilogue. After his grandmother had left town, the final scene of Murder House ends with the return of Constance, who is left to figure out what to do with her satanic grandson.

"Now what am I gonna do with you?"

American Horror Story [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story [Credit: FX]

It would make perfect sense for the crossover to continue directly from where Season 1 ended, answering the question that Constance leaves hanging in the air. After all, Michael will almost certainly develop abilities of his own. Where better to raise him than an academy designed to help youngsters control their gifts? Think X-Men but with more pointy hats and soul-destroying horror.

Does This Mean Jessica Lange Will Finally Return To American Horror Story?

American Horror Story [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story [Credit: FX]

For many fans, remains the face of American Horror Story, despite leaving the show a few seasons back. It's no surprise then that audiences have prayed earnestly for the fan favorite actress to return to the cast, but up until now, Lange has denied these rumors.

However, if this theory about Michael is true, then Jessica Lange could easily reappear for a brief cameo, one which would boost viewership tenfold without disrupting the flow of the story. After all, who else is going to drop the Antichrist off on his first day at school? The Murder House epilogue took place in 2015, just one year after Cordelia opened her academy to the public in Coven, so the timing fits too.

Just the idea of seeing Constance walk up the steps of Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is enough to make us want to skip Season 7 entirely and jump straight ahead to the Season 8 crossover.

American Horror Story [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story [Credit: FX]

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Jessica Lange may be busy right now working on Murphy's next show, Feud, but promotion for that should be finished by the time that the American Horror Story crossover begins filming, freeing up Lange's schedule for her highly anticipated return. Whether this takes the form of a brief cameo or a proper role in Season 8, the fact that Murphy and Lange still work closely together strongly implies that the door will always be open for the show's greatest performer to return.


Do you think Jessica Lange will return for the American Horror Story crossover?

[Source — EW]


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