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Short of an unexpected Spice Girls cameo in Season 7, American Horror Story couldn't be more about girl power if it tried. Sure, f**ked up murders and beautiful-looking people also play a large role in the hit anthology series, but at its grotesque heart pulses a surprisingly feminist undercurrent that consistently pushes powerful women to the fore.

Here's a fun reminder of all the most dark and disturbing moments from American Horror Story to date:

From Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates to Angela Bassett and even Lady Gaga, and his team have repeatedly cast some of the most talented actresses working today, creating an astonishing array of unforgettable characters for each of these incredible women. However, fans can't help but lament the loss of , the iconic performer who quickly rose to prominence as the face of the show across its first four seasons.

While fans are still coming to terms with Jessica's absence from American Horror Story, Lange and Murphy have since reunited on another FX show called , that's once again centred on powerful women. This time, Murphy pits Hollywood legends Joan Crawford and Bette Davis against one another in a behind-the-scenes look at their rivalry during the filming of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?.

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
Whatever Happened To Baby Jane [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

With Lange and Susan Sarandon taking on the two lead roles, Feud could come become another huge hit for Murphy's team following the breakout success of their second anthology series, The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Inevitably though, any discussion regarding one of Ryan Murphy's shows eventually circles back to American Horror Story, as was made clear in a recent interview with Feud star Susan Sarandon. When asked whether the actress would ever appear on Murphy's flagship show, Sarandon told E! News that:

"I don't know. I think that I just want to finish [Feud] you know, one thing at a time, definitely..."

American Horror Story [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story [Credit: FX]

While it's disappointing that Sarandon couldn't give a firmer response, it's understandable that she would want to focus on — Oh, wait. There's more!:

"...But I would definitely work with Ryan again. He's lovely and I love him very much... He's obsessive and he works really hard, but he gets it done for sure."

Although this still isn't the official confirmation that fans might be hoping for, it's promising that Sarandon would consider taking on a role in American Horror Story, joining the pantheon of legendary actresses who have already left their mark on the show. With classic films such as Thelma & Louise, The Witches Of Eastwick & The Rocky Horror Picture Show under her belt, Sarandon's acting pedigree could even mark her out as a potential replacement for Lange later down the line, filling the fiercely wicked space that the actress left behind after her departure from the show.

Thelma & Louise [Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer]
Thelma & Louise [Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer]

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Whether Sarandon signs up to American Horror Story in Seasons 7, 8 or 9, we're hopeful that the iconic star will eventually join the ranks of Murphy's signature show. Sarah Paulson found huge success working across his various projects after all, and Sarandon's star is set to rise once more following her work on Feud. Whether the actress could ever replace Jessica Lange in our hearts this late on in American Horror Story, though, is another question entirely. However, we're sure that given the right role, Sarandon could certainly be her equal. Our money's on Sarandon playing another Supreme-type figure who could rival even Fiona Goode's bitchy prowess. Make it happen, Murphy!


Will Susan Sarandon join the cast of American Horror Story in the future?

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