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American Horror Story's Season 6 premiere reveals more than just the lost colony of Roanoke. You just have to look for it, or be told.

As an avid horror fan and American Horror Story fan, after watching the premiere episode of Season 6, it seems to me that although people believe they've discovered the theme of the season, they could be incredibly wrong!

One of the main things I love about AHS is that it is so clever and so smart, and the first episode seemed to be way more simple and straightforward compared to their previous seasons.

First thing about the premiere that revealed to me what this entire season was going to be about was the way in which it was formatted and edited. It seems that they use the interview/reconstruction format, allowing people to tell their story and then re-enact it with different actors.

I knew I had seen this before somewhere. From that moment I knew exactly what angle they were trying to come from and it blew my mind at how incredibly smart the writers are. (If this is actually what's going to happen. It's my theory but it seems to be heading this way.)

The style of this first episode and the editing all seem very much alike another TV show called Paranormal Witness, which is on SYFY, its brief description on IMDb reads:

"The series brings to life the stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation."

Paranormal Witness is a show that allows ordinary people who have experienced supernatural/paranormal events to share their story while they sit (wait for it) in an interview style frame while (WAIT FOR IT) we have actors recreate the story they say in a reconstruction. (BINGO).

There are other shows much similar to Paranormal Witness, such as My Ghost Story on networks such as FYI and LMN, which have a similar structure to that of Paranormal Witness. Now, I'm not saying these stories on these shows are true, but the contents and reconstructions of them are truly terrifying and definitely make you jump from time to time.

How I believe this is connected to American Horror Story is not only the editing and the format of the first episode, but the title: My Roanoke Nightmare. The emphasis is on the My, why? Because it's a personal pronoun, also a possessive pronoun, it clearly shows this is someone's story — their nightmare that they want to share. Which, funnily enough, if you haven't caught on yet, is exactly like Paranormal Witness.

Possibly! But wait, there is more. If you have watched the premiere then you know it left with the story unfinished. Although many Paranormal Witness episodes start and end in the same one-hour episode, AHS is little more cunning in their storytelling. I believe it will continue the Roanoke Nightmare, whether it will be the next episode or in seven episodes time, they will continue the story.

All of this made my mind wonder. I thought, why would they do it in this style? what other stories would they have up their sleeve? Then it dawned on me.

I believe, all those Season 6 teaser trailers we saw will all be included in this season. Each one of them is different and bizarre, some hinting at aliens, another at some kind of demon child and even spiders (really not looking forward to that one).

I believe that all of these small teasers are story topics that they are going to cover in this season. For example, if they do it chronologically and the next episode is the conclusion to My Roanoke Nightmare, the next story will be one of the other teasers. It could be Sunset Stroll, which is the name of one of the teaser trailers they released. Perhaps the titles for each of these videos will turn out to be titles for each of their stories?

It has a very alien vibe to it, it's not unheard of that people claim to have seen aliens or come in contact with them, so perhaps one of their "Based on Real Events" stories after this one will be this? It also could be any of the other ones too.

There's no denying that AHS writers and the crew behind it have put their own mark on it, as it contains a small (but just enough) amount of comedy to lighten the mood, as well as make sharp and loud jump scares that scare the bones out of your body (guilty). It is also more explicit than the show Paranormal Witness, with those good old sex scenes that always make their way in there.

This is honestly just my theory after literally watching the first five minutes of the show, and the similarities to those "Based on Real Events" shows rare hard to deny. I could be totally stretching the mark here, but I don't think the entire season is going to be based on the lost colony of Roanoke. In fact, I hope it isn't. If my theory is right, they will have something amazing and that will make audiences keen to keep watching. This format also allows many stories and many different types of horror all into one season, we're all going to explode from the amount of scary content they will give us.

Random thought: Maybe since it's Season 6 and they seem to like emphasizing the 6, perhaps there will be 6 stories all portrayed in the same style as the first one in this season. With so many teasers, which ones will it be?

For those who have seen the premiere already and feel a little unsatisfied, I truly believe that AHS is way smarter than that episode. They're doing it in this way for a reason, and I truly believe Season 6 will be a collection of stories, with the main characters that we all love and enjoy either acting in the reconstructions, or acting as the people who are sharing their real-life experience.

We all know they're not ones to shy away from something different — tell that to Kit and his wives possessed/probed and manipulated by aliens! (Season 2).

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