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Warning: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke.

American Horror Story is well underway with Roanoke and there has been a ton of speculation about Roanoke being related to previous seasons of the horror anthology series. There has also been a huge amount of speculation about characters from previous seasons popping in Roanoke especially after series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that "many, many, many" characters from the past will be making an appearance this season.

Who know's what Scatcach is capable of? (via FX).
Who know's what Scatcach is capable of? (via FX).

The latest episode of Roanoke highlighted the history of Scathach — Lady Gaga's character — and it also showed just what she is capable of. We also learned that she practiced old magic and stowed away on a ship from England to arrive in America. This combination of "old magic and the new world" created something much worse, allowing her to become supernaturally powerful. With this dark power in her possession, I think that it's possible that Scathach could be the one responsible for bringing back past American Horror Story characters.

Scatcach Likely Has The Power To Resurrect The Dead

Scathach possesses abilities beyond our understanding. (via FX)
Scathach possesses abilities beyond our understanding. (via FX)

It was confirmed that Scathach is a witch in the latest episode and we got an idea of the kind of power that she possesses. In fact, it was her who encouraged the Butcher to slaughter her colony and forever enslave them to the farmhouse and its land. Scathach told Thomasyn White about the blood moon ritual insinuating that she knows a lot about the magic that she practices. Remember, she is also able to control people against their will — like she did with Matt several episodes ago.

She was also able to break White out of her captivity without so much as living her hand — she possesses unthinkable amounts of supernatural power and we've probably only scratched the surface of what she is truly capable of. With power like that, it is likely that she would be capable of resurrecting the dead. Moreover, with so much speculation that Roanoke will finally tie all of the previous AHS seasons together, then what better way to do so than to resurrect some of our favorite dead characters? There has been speculation about Roanoke being linked to Murder House and Hotel but the arguments made linking this season to Coven have been most compelling, suggesting that we could see some Coven characters coming back.

Are you a fan of American Horror Story? Check out these horrifying theories:

If Roanoke Really is Connected To Coven, Could We See The Return Of Fiona And Delphine?

Could we see Fiona Goode and Delphine LaLaurie again? (via FX)
Could we see Fiona Goode and Delphine LaLaurie again? (via FX)

Coven may have split the AHS fandom but there is no argument that it was the most socially successful season. Coven also got AHS its highest ratings at the time and the season introduced the world to the most beloved characters from the entire AHS universe — specifically Jessica Lange's Fiona Goode, Kathy Bates' Madame Delphine LaLaurie and Angela Bassett's Marie Laveau. All of these characters are currently dead, residing in hell.

I find it rather interesting that The Butcher's son also referred to Scathach as Satan and before this episode aired there had also been theories suggesting that she was indeed the devil. A possible connection to Satan or Devil worship mixed with Murphy's promise of many characters returning, then it is possible that Scathach could resurrect these Coven characters from Hell. Furthermore, Murphy promised that the returning characters have not been seen in years and that they are characters that we "wanted to see". Nobody fits this description better than Fiona Goode.

Let's not forget that Scatcath is a witch and with much speculation surrounding the idea that she is responsible for creating the coven with her dark magic, then why wouldn't she resurrect a fellow Supreme witch in Fiona? Scathach may be the original "bitch with the real power" but Fiona Goode was "a miserable, mean goddamn bitch" and everybody loved her for it. Fiona is the real Supreme and evil didn't come much darker than Fiona Goode.

Jessica Lange may have left American Horror Story as a regular, but I doubt she'd turn down the opportunity to return in a small capacity as arguably her best character. She's currently filming Murphy's upcoming Feud which also stars AHS regular Sarah Paulson. An appearance from Lange would be entirely possible.

Check out what's coming up on Roanoke:

We have yet to find out what Scathach is capable of on Roanoke but from what we've learned so far, it is entirely possible that she could resurrect some of American Horror Story's greatest characters and thus link Roanoke to a previous season. With the promise of returning characters in future episodes of Roanoke — plus a twist that will turn everything on its headAmerican Horror Story is set to get even better.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX. Which deceased American Horror Story character would you like to see return in Roanoke? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below.


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