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While we wait for Season 7 of FX's American Horror Story, here is something to satisfy your cravings. The internet is saturated with articles covering "facts you didn't know about American Horror Story," but most are made up of well-known information.

This list is made up of trivia that even hardcore fans were unaware of, as well as common misconceptions. Hopefully even the most hardcore fans can discover something new among these 10 facts about American Horror Story.

1. The Unknown Fourth Langdon Child

In American Horror Story: Murder House, Jessica Lange's Constance Langdon mentioned that she had four children. We know about Tate, Adelaide and Beauregard — but who was the fourth sibling? Well, it turns out that the fourth Langdon child was originally in the pilot episode; Evan Peters's Tate Langdon originally shared a scene with his older albino brother, but this scene was ultimately cut. According to Ryan Murphy, the reasoning for the scene being cut was because "it was one too many creatures."

2. A Mini 'Six Feet Under' Reunion

Six Feet Under [Credit: HBO]
Six Feet Under [Credit: HBO]

Before they tackled the genre, several American Horror Story alums appeared on the beloved HBO dark comedy-drama Six Feet Under (2001-2005). Frances Conroy, James Cromwell, and Kathy Bates had the most notable roles. Conroy and Cromwell played a married couple, while Bates played the best friend of Conroy's Ruth Fisher. Zachary Quinto (Chad Warwick, Oliver Thredson), Mena Suvari (Elizabeth "Black Dahlia" Short) and Christine Estabrook (Marcy) also appeared on the HBO hit.

3. The Loss Of Two Stars

Tragically, on February 23, 2015, actor Ben Woolf was killed after being severely injured as a result of being hit by a car. Woolf was known in the world of American Horror Story for playing the Infantata (Murder House) and Meep (Freak Show). His Freak Show costar Rose Siggins, who played Legless Suzi, died on December 12 2015 after an infection spread through her body following kidney stone surgery.

4. Frances Conroy Wasn't Wearing Contacts

American Horror Story [Credit: FX]
American Horror Story [Credit: FX]

Taking it back to Season 1 (Murder House), Frances Conroy played the maid Moira O'Hara, who died from a gunshot wound to the eye. Even today, many people still believe that Conroy was wearing contacts to achieve that "ghostly eye," or that Conroy has a glass eye following a car crash— but neither of these are true! Frances Conroy has corneal damage, caused by a strike to eye, which left her iris discolored. Although she mostly wears contacts to cover it up, Ryan Murphy asked her not to for Murder House, as it fit so perfectly with Moira's story.

5. Evans Peters and Sarah Paulson Aren't The Only Stars To Appear in All 6 Seasons

For many, this might be a well-known fact — but some people still get it dead wrong. There are three actors who have appeared in every single season of American Horror Story so far: Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Lily Rabe.

Many fans seem to forget that although Lily Rabe didn't have a big part in Season 4 (Freak Show), she made a little reprisal of her Season 2 (Asylum) character, Sister Mary Eunice. This "golden trio" used to be the "fab five," with the addition of Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy, but neither Conroy nor Lange returned for Season 5 (Hotel).

6. Emma Roberts Isn't The Only American Horror Story Alum Evan Peters Dated

It's widely known that Evan Peters and Emma Roberts have a rocky on-again, off-again relationship — but did you know that before he started dating Roberts, Evan Peters dated his fiery Murder House/Coven costar Alexandra Breckenridge?

7. There Was A Sex Scene Between Madison And Spalding?!

In Episode 7 of Season 3 (Coven), Emma Roberts's character Madison Montgomery was supposed to confront Spalding, after he kept her dead body and dolled her up. Somehow, this argument was originally meant to lead to the pair engaging in a "twisted and freaky" sex scene. The scene was ultimately tossed and Emma Roberts went on record saying, "we went through all that for nothing?".


Remember when everyone was losing their minds over what the meaning of Tate writing "TAINT" on Violet's chalkboard was? Even to this day, fans and newcomers are still incredibly confused about the hidden meaning of this message. So here is the answer to ease your mind: according to Ryan Murphy, "TAINT" means "Tate Ain't," as in Tate ain't alive! That's it! Mystery solved.

9. Why Does He Look Familiar?

Remember that incredibly disturbing scene in Freak Show, where Elsa Mars is drugged and has her legs are chainsawed off for a snuff film? Viewers were even more shocked to learn that the man holding the chainsaw was Dr. Hans Grüper, also known as Dr. Arthur Arden from Asylum! Well, fun fact: James Cromwell's son, John Cromwell, played the young version of Hans! No wonder the two gents looked strikingly similar.

10. Ben Harmon Had A Dark Past...With A Redhead

In Murder House, Dylan McDermott's character Ben Harmon briefly mentions that he had a rough childhood — but there is more to his story. Ryan Murphy said creators had an entire "deep-rooted and twisted" storyline of Ben's abusive childhood which involved a redhead, thus explaining his attraction to them in adulthood. Executive producer Tim Minear later explained that "Ben's abusive childhood was something we were unable to go over."

So there you have it — 10 facts about American Horror Story that even the most hardcore AHS fans may not have known! If you have more tidbits or mind-blowing trivia on American Horror Story, feel free to share them in the comments.


So how many facts did you know?


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