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I don't need eyes to see how much American Horror Story fans want Lady Gaga to become caught up in the show next season. After all, the star won a Golden Globe for her debut as The Countess in Hotel — but after her much smaller role in Roanoke, fans were left unsure about Lady Gaga's Season 7 reprise.

Although we were stuck in the middle zone for a while, awaiting official confirmation on Gaga's involvement, news has now arrived from EW that definitively reveals she won't appear. The rumors started initially when an upcoming issue of Vogue Magazine suggested that Stefani Germanotta could in fact appear in Season 7 of American Horror Story.

According to the article pictured by Twitter account @AHSleak:

“She’ll return for an undisclosed role in the election-themed 2017 series set to debut in September.”

This came as a surprise to the Little Monsters out there who assumed Lady Gaga would be too busy to appear in the upcoming season of American Horror Story. Show runner Ryan Murphy said as much during an interview with The Huffington Post recently, explaining how the pop star may struggle to film scenes for Season 7 while also promoting her latest album and her upcoming movie A Star Is Born.

Lady Gaga's Involvement Is Just A Perfect Illusion

American Horror Story fans shouldn't go Gaga just yet though. Upon closer inspection of the article in question, it became evident that the writer had made some fundamental errors, referring to Seasons 5, 6 and 7 of American Horror Story as Seasons 1, 2, and 3.

Furthermore, the same Twitter account that initially broke the news of Gaga's involvement since found evidence that the yet-to-be published interview may in fact be from an unofficial Conde Nast collectors' publication, and not Vogue like we thought. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise then that neither this article nor the news itself was officially endorsed by American Horror Story or Lady Gaga.

This isn't the first time that Lady Gaga has found herself at the center of an American Horror Story mystery. Last year, numerous teasers were released online that hinted at the theme for Season 6, but in the end, Ryan Murphy revealed that every single one of these was a deliberate misdirect, revealing the epic red herring in a trailer featuring Gaga's hit 'Perfect Illusion'.

Although a number of sites are reporting that Lady Gaga's involvement in Season 7 has been confirmed, these were ultimately proved to be false. If my guessing game is strong, it seems far more probable that Lady Gaga may film a surprise cameo or small guest spot for the following season instead. Pressure's takin' its toll on Gaga's musical career right now, so it seems unlikely that she'd have the time to become involved in much more than that in the next year or so. Sorry to disappoint any Little Monsters out there who still feel the blow, but at least now we know.

Would you like to see Lady Gaga star in a future season of American Horror Story? Check back here for more casting news and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

(Source: EW, Huffington Post)


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