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Many held their own opinions regarding the recent claim that comedian demanded more money from after earning about the pay disparity between herself and comedy veterans Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle. Both Rock and Chappelle wanted $20 million for their respective specials, while Schumer was initially paid $11 million for The Leather Special. The claim made it seem as if the relatively new comedian believed she deserved the equal pay as two hardened comedians with decades of stand-up comedy experience under their belt, which didn't sit well with certain twitter users who believed the gap was a matter of experience. Others stated that one can't "come back for more money because the guy down the road made more."

In true Schumer fashion, the comedian clarified her thoughts on the matter in a semi-nude Instagram post complete with self-deprecating hashtags.

"Hot Dog Dog"

Whether you're a fan of Schumer or not, there is no denying her immense popularity and incredible financial success. She's the first and only woman to ever make Forbes' list of the highest paid comedians, placing an impressive fifth place right behind Chappelle at #4 and Chris Rock at #2.

The first woman ever to make Forbes' list of top-paid comedians, Amy Schumer has quickly – and astutely – expanded beyond her Comedy Central show. Her Netflix stand-up, The Leather Special, comprised a chunk of her 2017 earnings, while her book, The Girl With The Lower-Back Tattoo and endorsement deals with Bud Light and Old Navy rounded out her payday.

Schumer's Instagram post holds a sentiment that is easy to get behind, and it's fantastic to see the popular comedian adding a little humor to a post that shares such an important message. Does Amy Schumer deserve to earn as much as Chris Rock? Based on popularity, perhaps not. But professionals have every single right to negotiate their earnings.

Rock and Chappelle are two of the greatest comics of all time, and although she might not get paid as much as the legends, someone of her prestige should definitely negotiate to ensure that she is paid according to her talent.

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