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It's a proven fact that everyone in the world loves . It's hard not to love her — she's an amazing actress and seems to be genuinely down to earth. Given that she's so adored by her fans, J-Law's real-life friend decided that she needed to be taken down a peg or two, in a video she shot for Vanity Fair. In the video, Schumer reviews an interview that J-Law did, then promptly calls her on her bullshit - the result of which is quite delightful.

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Watch Amy Schumer rip on Jennifer Lawrence Below:

The best contradiction in the video has to be when J-Law responds to a the quesiton: "What advice would you give to a ten year old girl?", To which she responded:

"Always be nice, it's never not cool to just be the nice girl"

This is indeed nice sentiment, however, Amy Schumer fires back with the truth about Jen:

That’s really sweet, but Jen is the meanest person I know, so that doesn’t really apply

There was one last treat before Amy Schumer got done reacting to J-Law's interview. J-Law prompted the interviewer to ask Schumer if she has ever seen anyone pee in a bidet , to which Amy Schumer responded:

Yes, I have. Do you want to know who it was? One Miss Jen Lawrence. That girl, she sees a bidet, she’s going to piss in it!

Of course this video was all in good fun, and Jennifer Lawrence was most likely in on the joke, but it was fun none the less. This video only adds to the love we have for both of these lovely ladies. Jennifer Lawrence can be seen opposite Chris Pratt in on December 21, 2016 when it hits theaters. You can catch all of streaming on Hulu or on the Comedy Central App!

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[Source: Vanity Fair]


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