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It started out as an unwanted partnership, but blossomed into a friendship for the ages. For six seasons, Ahsoka Tano was a main character on the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and then later played a reoccurring role on Star Wars Rebels as a rebel informant under the codename Fulcrum. Yet for years, Ahsoka had no idea what happened the man she had once called a friend, mentor and an honorary older brother — Anakin Skywalker.

Deviant Art artist Renny08 has created some amazing pieces of art that highlight Ahsoka and Anakin’s friendship, and she definitely nailed the rawness and emotion of the chosen scenes. Here are four of his most moving pieces of of the pair.

4. 'Once I Called You Brother'

[Credit: @Renny08 via Deviant Art]
[Credit: @Renny08 via Deviant Art]

This first artwork comes from a scene in The Clone Wars when Ahsoka spars with Anakin during a training session. This scene is a hint of what is to come in the Rebels Season 2 finale. There is a deeper meaning to this image then just a simple training session between student and mentor: it shows the beginning of the end of a friendship that never should have occurred.

Renny08 did an excellent job at having the lightsabers cross and create a powerful white glow. The white glow where the weapons connect is reminiscent of Ahsoka's change in lightsabers in Rebels, showing her status as an individual who neither practices the light side or the dark side of the Force.

3. 'To The Stars'

[Credit: @Renny08 via Deviant Art]
[Credit: @Renny08 via Deviant Art]

If you think back to the scene in where Anakin is watching the stars with Qui-Gon, this is a great throwback to that, but the roles here are slightly different. Ahsoka is the carefree one, while Anakin is the one with the weight of the galaxy on his shoulders. Clearly Renny08 has a knack of capturing facial expressions. She's drawn Anakin and Ahsoka's faces perfectly — displaying the conflict and worries on Anakin's mind and the sheer joy and naivety on Ahsoka's. The colors were chosen perfectly to display not just the mood, but the tone of the art.

2. 'Something Wrong'

[Credit: @Renny08 via Deviant Art]
[Credit: @Renny08 via Deviant Art]

Ahsoka always had a knack for knowing when Anakin was in a bad mood and wanted his space. Anakin, in return, knew when something was troubling his Padawan. What makes this piece special is that it harkens back a moment in The Clone Wars after Obi-Wan is believed to be dead, where Ahsoka decides to give Anakin space to grieve his best friend.

In this piece of art, Anakin can see something is clearly bothering Ahsoka and wants her to talk to him about it and get her concerns off her chest. Anakin's facial expression here is perfectly depicted because it displays his annoyance and concern at Ahsoka not wanting to talk to him.

1. 'Brotherly Hug'

[Credit: @Renny08 via Deviant Art]
[Credit: @Renny08 via Deviant Art]

Nothing says a brother/sister bond more than a good ol’ fashioned hug. Anakin and Ahsoka didn’t care if it was against Jedi rules to be affectionate towards friends. The moment relates back to the friendship they had, showing they were more than just teacher and student. They were each other's family and close friends. Even after Order 66, where Ahsoka was lead to believe that Anakin had perished in the massacre, she still had memories of the time they spent together as friends and those memories would lead her to piece together Vader's true identity during the Rebels Season 2 premiere. Renny08 perfected the moment by showing Anakin willingly accept Ahsoka's hug instead of being awkward about it.

Despite their shortcomings in the beginning, Anakin and Ahsoka forged a bond that was deemed forbidden by the Jedi Council. It was a form of attachment, a massive no-no as far as the Jedi were concerned, but it didn't stop these two characters. While Ahsoka change her mind about the values the Jedi held, the one thing she held most dear was her short tenure as Anakin's Padawan and the bond they once shared. All of these beliefs are perfectly tied-up in Renny08's beautiful fanart.

What Anakin and Ahsoka moment made you weep during The Clone Wars? Let us know below!

(Source: Renny08 via DeviantArt)


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