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Anastasia is among those non-Disney films credited with one-upping the mega-studio at its own game. However historically inaccurate, Anastasia is among the best princess cartoons created, and it was made by Twentieth Century Fox Film and Don Bluth. While Twentieth Century Fox hasn't followed suit and started making live-action versions of its popular animated films, Broadway will be bringing the story to life next April.

This is just in time for the 20th anniversary of the animated classic from 1997. Anastasia: The Musical now has a teaser to get us excited. While the teaser — called "Journey to the Past" — doesn't give us much to go on, it does leave a haunting impression, watch it below.

Hearing those opening notes to the film's song "Journey to the Past" start the trailer would cause any Anastasia fan's heart to swell remembering the story of the orphan girl in search of her past. The trailer doesn't disappoint, with ghostly colors, shadows of the dancing figures in the ballroom, and a music box reminiscent of the one so pivotal to the film's storyline.

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It's the music box Anastasia was given by her grandmother, the one with a melody that would stick with her and ultimately be the key to her claiming her identity. We may not get to see any of the characters brought to life just yet, but seeing the iconic music box memento is enough to jog all our memories of the stellar music of the film and get us plenty excited to hear it with a live orchestra on Broadway.

At least we are given a sneak listen to star Christy Altomare who will be playing the titular character and already has us wondering when pre-sales for the soundtrack go on sale.

If, like I, you are a lover of the original film, you're sure to be enchanted by this teaser. First impression suggests Anastasia: The Musical will do the film justice and we can't wait for it to hit the stage!

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