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Matt Carter

The Walking Dead returns for a fourth Season in October, but one character that won't be back to fight off the zombie hordes is Andrea, who met a grizzly and painful death (both for her and us viewers) during last season's finale.

, who plays Rick Grimes on the show, has spoken to about how big an impact Andrea's death will have on the remaining survivors:

I think certainly for Rick, it was one of the turning points, along with my son becoming a murderer. They’re two very important beats that made him rethink his responsibilities as a father but also maybe rethink his whole attitude toward surviving in this world. That’s where you arrive certainly in episode one.

Executive Producer added:

Think about it, when you said ‘Let the Woodbury-ites stay,’ Carl looked at you like, ‘No, they’re the enemy. We kill the enemy.’ That was a really interesting dynamic and for Rick especially.

Lincoln believes Andrea's death was probably the catalyst for Rick decision to let the survivors of Woodbury stay at the prison:

It was a huge call, and especially for someone who has been pushing people away and not trusting. For him to say, ‘Come in,’ Andrea’s death must have had a profound impact. She was trying to do what Rick probably would have tried to do two seasons ago; she was trying to unify two groups of warring people.

Andrea might be six feet under, but her influence on the group lives on.


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