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Andrew Garfield may be regretting how candid he'd been when he shared his memories of "one of the best days" of his entire life. The actor recently opened up about his wild 29th birthday, which involved Emma Stone, 7 of their closest friends, Disneyland and pot brownies.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Credit: Marvel]
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Credit: Marvel]

Best Birthday Ever!

According to an interview with W Magazine, Garfield and his buddies had an absolute whale of a time. After chowing down on some very special brownies, they spent the day riding Space Mountain, dancing through Fantasyland and experiencing a sort of marijuana mind meld. Looks like he found a way to take California's Disneyland to the next level!

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No Regrets

Garfield was confronted about the anecdote more than once at the Golden Globes. When questioned about the incident on the red carpet, Garfield shrugged it off, saying, "I'm just one of the many people that did it, and had the greatest time ever". He even boldly claimed that he was "incredibly high right now", which probably won't help the public's newfound suspicions about his habits:

"Anytime I'm at Disneyland now, people might wonder."

[Credit: W Magazine]
[Credit: W Magazine]

Taking The Mickey

However, Garfield's tone changed a bit when another reporter tried to raise the topic with him later on. "I don't even know what you're referencing. I was blacked out whenever that interview happened", the actor joked. "I'm probably banned [from Disneyland] forever".

Unfortunately, there might be a but of truth to that. Disneyland has some pretty strict policies on what you can and can't do, and Garfield's antics violated one that's a lot more serious than their "no selfie sticks" rule.

In 2012— the year of Garfield's 29th birthday— recreational use of cannabis was not legal in California. And he definitely didn't say that they were using it for medicinal purposes. The official Disneyland Resort park rules includes an explicit ban on illicit substances, and also states the following:

Please show common courtesy to fellow Park Guests and our Cast Members by not using profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive behavior.

The Social Network [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
The Social Network [Credit: Columbia Pictures]

Sure, being stoned and dancing around a theme park is probably one of the least "unsafe" and "disruptive" behaviors someone could engage in— but in 2012, it definitely had a strong element of illegality. And resorts are known to be pretty strict on their rules. That might explain why Emma Stone has kept so quiet about her involvement— she doesn't want to incur the wrath of Disney!

Join The (Mickey Mouse) Club

Garfield isn't the first celebrity to potentially land themselves in Disney's naughty books. It's actually surprisingly difficult to get banned from Disneyland, though there's been rumors of some pretty great attempts. Check out these legends of celebrities gone wild at Disney resorts, and see if you can figure out which ones are actually true:

4. Justin Bieber

[Credit: Justin Bieber Twitter]
[Credit: Justin Bieber Twitter]

Rumors of Justin Bieber's lifetime ban from Disneyland has been circulating for years now. It's unknown where the story started, but he apparently punched Mickey Mouse in the nuts. Ouch! Assaulting a cast member is definitely grounds for a lifetime ban, even if you're a superstar like Bieber.

However, the singer has been seen multiple times at Disney resorts since, including one visit that involved cutting to the front of the line in a wheelchair. He did clear up the confusion afterwards, stating that not only was he nursing a recent basketball injury, but his celebrity status means he was guaranteed a private escort and top priority for rides anytime he liked— with or without the wheels.

Either Bieber's Mickey Mouse assault occurred as a child and was forgiven once he and his signature haircut shot to fame, or the story is just totally made up— who knows?

3. Blake Lively

[Credit: Blake Lively Instagram]
[Credit: Blake Lively Instagram]

Now this is one story verified by the source herself. During an interview on The Late Show in 2009, Blake Lively admitted to David Letterman that she'd received a one year ban from Disneyland after sneaking in as a child, landing herself in "Disney jail":

Luckily the ban was temporary, and she's now free to visit as much as she pleases— also, their security systems are a little more advanced now.

2. Grace Jones

[Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

The performer, who is often scantily clad on stage, allegedly flashed her breasts whilst performing at Disney World— though much like Bieber's ban, this story hasn't been officially addressed by the star herself.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

The Beach [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
The Beach [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

The last rumor of celeb debauchery at a Disney park comes from someone who claims to have been a lifeguard at Disney World's water park. Royrogersdoublerbarburger shared a number of amusing anecdotes from his prior position at the park, and even had a scandalous story about none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

The alleged former Disney employee claims that in 1998, Leo and a buddy hit up the water park totally wasted. The drunk duo apparently "reeked of alcohol" and splashed around in the water fully clothed.

But their behavior got out of hand fast when Leo stood at the top of a water slide and took a leak, urinating straight into the water before jumping in himself. This apparently caused security to be called and kick him out. It sounds a little far-fetched, but the storyteller does go into an awful lot of specific detail. Who knows if the then-24-year-old actor had really let loose?

Do you think Disney will crack down on Andrew Garfield after hearing about his fun-but-illegal day at Disneyland?

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