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Andrew Garfield has revealed which side of the fence he sits on when it comes to legalizing marijuana after recounting his experience of being totally blazed at Disneyland.

Garfield went to Disneyland with 8 of his closest friends, including his then-girlfriend Emma Stone, who starred alongside Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man. The group ate pot brownies before embarking on an "intense" day out at the most magical place on earth to celebrate Garfield's 29th birthday— with hilarious results.

He spilled the beans after being sidetracked from an interview with W Magazine about his upcoming film, Silence— check out the trailer below:

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According to Garfield, their "wild" day was "one of the best days of my life". In fact, he went so far as to boldly state that "it was literally heaven". So what exactly happened that had such a profound experience?

Tapping Into The Collective Unconscious

[W Magazine]
[W Magazine]

Garfield's birthday adventure involved more than just laughing their assess off and getting the munchies. At some point, the group of friends had a somewhat spiritual experience that involved their thoughts spontaneously syncing up:

"We were all having our own experiences, and I think we all came back and were like, “Were you thinking this at...” and then we all realized we were thinking so many of the same things – stoned conversations".

Their newfound telepathic abilities didn't stop there. At one point they all found themselves performing a synchronized dance:

"There was a moment where me and my friends found ourselves walking Fantasy Land, and there was a song that was playing coming out of the trees and we were all doing this dancing through. And I think at one point we all started looking around going, 'Why are we all doing the same dance, how did this happen?'"

One Freaky Cruise

[Ken Lund Flickr]
[Ken Lund Flickr]

If you've ever been to Disneyland in California, then you're probably familiar with the 'It's A Small World' cruise: A neon-lit wonderland of music, smiles and joy for all involved. Except, that is, if you're stoned.

After three rides of Space Mountain, Garfield hopped on board the boat and found himself contemplating the nature of our planet and its relative size to our overwhelmingly large universe, which is probably not the most reassuring thought to have when trapped in an narrow body of water:

"I freaked out on It’s A Small World. I was like, "it is – it is a fucking small world – it’s a fucking – it’s a really fucking small world guys, is anyone else seeing how small it is?" Amazing. Amazing."

Buyer's Remorse

[Superhero Den]
[Superhero Den]

After delivering a candid account of his drug-fuelled day, Garfield does have one regret about the whole incident, and it involves Star Wars.

A substantially wealthy and very stoned celebrity in a gift shop is a dangerous thing, but Garfield managed to hold back on splurging on all the pretty, shiny things. Sadly, Garfield feels more than a little remorseful over passing up one particularly memorable souvenir: A Chewbacca backpack.

"In retrospect, I should have actually just got it. It was a great backpack. It was really cute."

Time For Rehab?

[Gage Skidmore Flickr]
[Gage Skidmore Flickr]

In 2012, Garfield told Shortlist that he didn't do drugs. However, things seem to have changed since his days as Spider-Man. Should his fans be concerned?

Garfield denies being a "big drug user", saying that he's "responsible with drugs", which apparently means respecting both the substance and himself. And while his big day out at Disneyland was filled with giggles, he prefers to indulge in weed strictly for "ritual purposes".

So if he's not trying to encourage kids to get blazed at theme parks, then why go into so much detail? The answer is simple:

"Because that’s a fun drug story, and Bill Hicks would be proud of me."

Do you think Bill Hicks would be proud of Andrew Garfield's stoned adventures at Disneyland?

(Source: W Magazine, Shortlist)


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