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Earlier this year we got our sixth Spider-Man movie since 2002. Spider-Man: Homecoming marks Sony's second reboot of the beloved web-slinger, and this time Marvel was involved. The inclusion of Marvel made for some excellent changes to the character, including an actor of fitting age, a happier tone and managing to capture the innocence of a teenage superhero. Tom Holland stepped into the role of Peter Parker and brought some real humor and believability to the character.

But of course, many Spidey fans know that Andrew Garfield was also great Peter Parker in his own right, with the perfect physique for the role, as well as that charming romance with Gwen Stacy. It was also a benefit that Garfield actually is a huge fan of Spider-Man — there's even a photo of him dressing up as Spidey as a kid!

'The Amazing Spider-Man' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
'The Amazing Spider-Man' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

Nowadays Andrew Garfield is keeping himself busy with multiple projects, most notably promoting his latest film Breathe, directed by Andy Serkis. Not to mention he's also going to be appearing on Broadway next year after getting excellent reviews for his play, Angels In America.

With all this business, it turns out Garfield hasn't quite found time to see the latest iteration of his beloved character in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Though this is through no fault of his own, as he explained to MTV:

"I haven't had time to really watch anything, because I've been doing a play. But I'm really excited about it and I'm really excited Tom Holland is doing it"

Despite his hectic acting schedule, and not actually having seen the film, Garfield still can't escape the media pounding him for his opinion of Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the same MTV interview, when asked if he'd seen the film yet, he hilariously responds with "fuck off," proving just how sick of the question he is. However, Garfield's humorous response is still better than how many actors take questions about their previous properties, including fellow former Spider-Man star, Kirsten Dunst.

Earlier this year Dunst was asked her thoughts on the Spider-Man reboot, and there was no love lost between the former Mary-Jane and the mega-franchise. She told Marie Claire exactly what she thought of Spidey slingin' back into theaters a mere 10 years since her last Spider-Man film, saying:

"We made the best ones, so who cares? I’m like, 'You make it all you want.' They’re just milking that cow for money. It’s so obvious. You know what I mean?"

'Spider-Man' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
'Spider-Man' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

So it seems as if Andrew Garfield might be slightly less bitter than Kirsten Dunst about Spider-Man: Homecoming. But that doesn't mean you should ask Garfield if he's seen it or not! I'm sure when he does finally watch it he'll speak out about it. But until then, we should let the busy actor keep slaying it in Hollywood and on Broadway.

Let me know which Spider-Man was your favorite in the comments!

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