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Now, in a world where we've already seen three — count 'em, three — cinematic Spider-Men, it was only ever a matter of time before we saw two of them interact in an adorably geeky fashion. With original on-screen famously being a little prickly, however, and himself, , currently being pretty busy getting nominated for awards for his role in Hacksaw Ridge, it wasn't all that clear when the current holder of the web shooters, , would get the chance to awkwardly meet one of the men he grew up watching in the role he now gets to play in .

Which, of course, makes it all the more exciting to discover that:

Andrew Garfield Just Met New Spider-Man Tom Holland, And It Was Adorable

'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

The pair, y'see, both just so happened to attend this year's BAFTAs in London — which makes sense, what with them both being British and all — and an entertainingly over-excited fan managed to capture the moment they met one another on the red carpet:

That, however, wasn't quite the end of the story, as Holland — who won the "Rising Star" award at the ceremony — spoke to reporters backstage after the event, and, when asked about Garfield, had this to say:

"We met for the first time on the red carpet today. And it was really, really nice, actually. He's a really, really lovely guy. He's everything I hoped he'd be. He is a brilliant actor, too. I have always been a fan of his work. And I really look forward to picking his brains and seeing if he has any advice for me."

Which, it seems, suggests two key things: 1) Andrew Garfield is just as nice in real life as he has always seemed, not least because he clearly just told Tom Holland that he can call him to discuss playing a role he was unceremoniously fired from, and 2) There's now a fairly solid chance that we'll one day see Garfield and Holland getting stoned together at Disneyland, which will most likely be even more adorable than that meet cute at the BAFTAs.

What do you think, though? Just how much are you now hoping to see Garfield and Holland grab lunch with Tobey Maguire? Let us know below!

(Sources: Moviefone)


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