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Watch out, Tom Holland, looks like you're not the only Spider-Man with epic dance moves and sick grooves. Andrew Garfield felt the music deep in his soul during the Werq the World Tour in London while lip syncing to Whitney Houston's “I’m Every Woman.” And he didn't even need to wear a fancy drag outfit like Tom Holland to get the crowd going. He did it all with just a curly wig and a shake of his slim hip.

Garfield's outstretched arms and wiggling shoulders delighted the audience, but the real frenzy occurred when he busted out a surprise backflip. Honestly, it was like watching escaping from one of Electro's energy bolts.

RuPaul's Drag Race judge Michelle Visage, who hosted the show, posted a picture on Instagram posing with Garfield and Laverne Cox backstage, praising the former Spider-Man for his stunning performance:

“What a show, what a night! Thank you as always YOU ARE MY HEART AND SOUL. Andrew Garfield, you are my new friend, I am SO proud of you for not just lip syncing Whitney tonight in a wig no less, but for opening your mind and heart to all it has to offer.”

Andrew Garfield Is No Stranger To Dancing

This is not the first time Garfield has delighted audiences with his quick-stepping feet. Back in 2012, Ellen DeGeneres brought him onto her talk show to help raise money for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. Since DeGeneres is never afraid to dance like no one is watching, you bet she put Garfield through his paces, making him shake it in various dance styles she threw at him, including the Irish jig, ballet, and Gangnam style. You bet he can do it all.

In 2014, Garfield got funky once again on The Ellen DeGeneres Show during a commercial break. While promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Jamie Foxx and Emma Stone, Foxx started singing while Stone and Garfield danced along, once again proving that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are the cutest couple to ever exist in Hollywood.

If you think this Whitney Houston gig was the first time Garfield wore a wig, then think again. He played the part of a transgender woman who loved to dance in the video clip for Arcade Fire's anthem "We Exist." And he does more than just don a wig in the video. That's right, Garfield shaved his head, wore a dress, and dealt with a group of abusive men at a bar before dancing on stage with the band.

Really, it's all the proof we need that Andrew Garfield is one cool cat.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits cinemas on July 7. Who thinks the next lip-sync battle should be between the two Spider-Man actors, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland? It might be one heck of a web-spinner showdown!


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