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Andrew Garfield sure has been making headlines lately. First he shared the hilarious tale of getting high at Disneyland with Emma Stone, and then he had a cheeky make-out session with fellow Marvel star Ryan Reynolds at the .

Garfield is basically having the best time ever living his life how he likes it, with no cares whatsoever about what the world thinks. Maybe he had a spiritual awakening whilst filming Silence?

Silence [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
Silence [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

In a recent interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, he was asked if he was "comfortable kissing other men"— to which Garfield replied, "I don't even understand the question".

Apparently that answer was good enough for Stephen Colbert, who was more than happy to show that he's "comfortable with it too" by leaning in for a peck:

So how did Colbert react after that bold move? Well, he was kind of speechless:

"What were we taking about?"

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert [Credit: NBC]
The Late Show With Stephen Colbert [Credit: NBC]

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Just Being A Mate

As thrilling as it was to see Garfield getting up close and personal with Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes, Garfield was careful to point out that it wasn't just a ploy for attention. He told Colbert that he "just wanted to let him know" that he loved him after losing out on the award for Best Lead Actor in a Musical or Comedy to Ryan Gosling:

"I just wanted Ryan to know I loved him, wether he won or lost. It doesn't matter. It's how you play the game, and he showed up, he gave his all and it doesn't change anything in my heart".

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

Reynolds wasn't the only one feeling the love at the Golden Globes. Emma Stone also received a standing ovation from ex-boyfriend Garfield when accepting her award.

Full Fan Support

Many of Garfield's fans were overjoyed at his latest antics, taking to Twitter to express their support:

1. Aesthetic Goals

2. It's About Damn Time!

3. Humble Brag

Check out Andrew Garfield in Silence:


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