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Over the second half of The Walking Dead Season 7 we've finally seen Rick and his group start to recover from the horrific loses of some of their close friends and finally make the choice to fight back against Negan.

It took some work, but finally Rick managed to get enough guns and people to form an army to rival the Saviors and the 90-minute Season 7 finale looks set to blow out socks off. But while we're all concerned with the upcoming episode, a recent interview with Andrew Lincoln, a.k.a Rick Grimes should also have you pumped for the upcoming eighth season.

Michonne and Rick [Credit: AMC]
Michonne and Rick [Credit: AMC]

With only one episode to go in Season 8, it seems a fair assumption that at least the first half of Season 8 will be concerned with war between Rick's army and the Saviors. And if Andrew Lincoln's interview with the LA Times are to be believed, it'll be one hell of a watch:

"We’re going to come out swinging. And it’s not going to stop. I'm more excited for Season 8 than I've ever been. I think it's going to be big, but it's also going to be terrifying. And I mean that from the very depths of my cynical soul."

From the depths of that cynical soul owner himself, folks! It sounds as though Season 8 will pick up right in the midst of some action (is "come out swinging" a tip of the cap to Lucille?), which could continue for some time. However, the use of word "terrifying" is also a bit concerning, to what lengths will the group go to triumph over the Big Bad?

The group at Oceanside in Episode 15 [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
The group at Oceanside in Episode 15 [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

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But before we can start theorizing about the terrors of Season 8, there's still one more, 90-minute long episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 to get through. And given that barely a season finale passes without some sort of a significant death, we should probably all mentally prepare ourselves for some downright terrifying content in that before we start thinking big for Season 8.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 16 on April 2


What do you want to see in Season 8?

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