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Since the premiere of Season 7 there has been a lot of arguing about the content of the episode. Some conservative family groups have deemed it too violent, while critics have slammed the episode for being "bleak," and accused the show of treating its viewers as though they're stupid. However, there does seem to be one thing that the majority of viewers have agree on: Andrew Lincoln acted the HELL out of Episode 1.

Andrew Lincoln in Episode 1 [Gene Page/AMC]
Andrew Lincoln in Episode 1 [Gene Page/AMC]

After spending so many years as Rick Grimes, the strong and in-control leader (ok, not always so in-control) of the group, over the course of Season 7, Episode 1 Andrew Lincoln brought out a whole other side of Rick, one that was totally and utterly broken. Whimpering, stuttering incoherently and with snot dripping, Andrew Lincoln took Rick from confident man-in-charge, to sniveling mess in just 46 short minutes. And now fans believe he deserves an Emmy award, and have started a petition to get him a nomination.

It's a tough road for fans of The Walking Dead. Sure, the show is consistently rated as the top series on television, but on the other hand, it has never really received the awards and accolades its audience believes it deserves. Since 2010 the series has received 15 Emmy nominations and even won two, but those have mostly been for sound, stunts, make up and special effects, and none have ever been for acting.

Rick about to cut Carl's arm [AMC]
Rick about to cut Carl's arm [AMC]

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The petition was started by an Irish fan, only known as Martin C and at the time of writing has racked up an impressive 5158 supporters. Martin C plans on delivering the petition to the Emmy board for consideration. And though the Emmy nomination process can't really be swayed by fan petitions, it will show the board what a dedicated following the series has, and how strongly Lincoln's portrayal of Rick affected them.

Rick Grimes in Episode 1 [Gene Page/AMC]
Rick Grimes in Episode 1 [Gene Page/AMC]

This isn't the first time Walking Dead fans have made petitions following an emotional performance or episode. Beth's shock death in Season 5 also sparked fans to start a petition for the series to bring the character back in some form, or at least to show their support for her. The Beth petition had over 65,000 supporters, so perhaps we can expect the Andrew Lincoln petition to reach similar heights.

If you'd like to sign the petition for Andrew Lincoln, click here.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 2 on October 30 at 9pm ET


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