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For many fans of The Walking Dead, Season 7 hasn't felt as gripping as previous years of the series. In order to set the tone and properly gear up for the second half of the season, Episodes 2 - 6 each spent time in various locations, focussing on just a few characters per episode as the group moved forward after the explosive premiere episode.

The unfamiliar format set off scores of complaints in the Walking Dead fandom, and saw ratings decline, and now Rick Grimes himself (a.k.a Andrew Lincoln) has commented over the frosty reception.

Rick Grimes reunited with his colt [AMC]
Rick Grimes reunited with his colt [AMC]

Speaking to The Wrap, Lincoln revealed that he knew all about the unrest in the fandom at the moment, and was frank in his disappointment with the fans.

"Obviously I’ve heard that people are not happy and that makes me unhappy because of the amount of work we all put into the show. There is a sense of a bigger story that’s being told and I have absolute faith in Scott [Gimple], the writing team, and the producers of the show. But I will say that I think the back eight are the exact opposite of the front eight."

While Lincoln's feelings of unhappiness with the fan base are totally understandable, the fact that he makes mention of a totally different back half of the season seems like in retrospect perhaps the audience will look back over Season 7 and appreciate it for telling such a well formed story. While we're used to Rick and co jumping into battle at speed, Season 7 has prove is different type of threat for the group. And if you think about villains from past season, it's been refreshing to see the group finally meet their match in Season 7 and have to assess their position and capabilities before proceeding forward with a plan of attack.

Rick versus Negan in The Walking Dead mid-season finale [Gene Page/AMC]
Rick versus Negan in The Walking Dead mid-season finale [Gene Page/AMC]

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With that said, now that our core crew has finally reunited and decided that it's time to take on Negan will the full force of both Alexandria and Hilltop, Season 7b is sure to be a must-watch. And with the promo (seen below) hinting that an alliance with the Kingdom is also a big possibility, that would make the militia one hell of a militia and match for Negan and his Saviors.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 9 and Season 7b in February, 2017.


Were you unhappy with The Walking Dead Season 7a?

Source: The Wrap


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