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With The Walking Dead's Season 8 premiere, AMC's zombie apocalypse has finally returned and fans couldn't be more thrilled. But aftershow Talking Dead had a thrilling moment of its own: leading man Andrew Lincoln revealed that he wants to venture out and join Star Wars.

Host Chris Hardwick asked Lincoln what life would've been like without the character of Rick Grimes, and Lincoln mused that it may have led to the Galaxy Far, Far Away:

"I may have been a cheesemaker. Or a pig farmer. ... Dave Morrissey and I ... we used to sort of joke that we were the only actors in British Equity that hadn't been in the 'Harry Potter' franchise, so maybe I would have been wizarding about Hogwarts or hobbit-ing about Middle Earth, and I always fancied the idea of getting my hands around a lightsaber."

So, is it possible that Lincoln could use his Hollywood pull — as the star of the most-watched show on TV — to join the Skywalker saga?

Could We Ever See Andrew Lincoln In A Star Wars Movie?

Credit: AMC / The Walking Dead
Credit: AMC / The Walking Dead

Although it's unlikely to happen anytime soon — with The Walking Dead riding high in viewership — there will be a point when The Walking Dead becomes Carl's story rather than Rick's, according to creator Robert Kirkman at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. When the pistol is passed, then Lincoln would be free to step into a totally different project.

Since Lucasfilm and Disney are eyeing a new Star Wars blockbuster nearly every year for as long as they can muster, Lincoln has plenty of time to trade in his machete for a lightsaber. It would be an interesting change for the acclaimed actor, and might give him a chance to slip back into his natural British accent. After all, other TV actors — such as Emilia Clarke and Thomas Brodie-Sangster from Game of Thrones — have joined the franchise.

If Andrew Lincoln were to join Star Wars, he'd bring a ton of talent and a huge fanbase. Let's hope he joins a future order of the Jedi and fulfills his lifelong dream of wielding a lightsaber.

Do you think Andrew Lincoln would be a better Jedi or a Sith? Tell us in the comments below!


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