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Remember the 2003 comedy The School of Rock? No? That's okay, because does, and he doesn't need your plebian memories, anyway.

As it turns out, the incomparable musical legend has acquired the rights to the movie and plans to turn it into a stage production. As he told CBC Radio:

Another thing that I've just got the rights to that I am very excited about - there may be songs for me in it, but it's obviously got songs in it as it stands - is that movie School Of Rock.

So, yeah, the genius behind Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, and others is super-pumped about an entertaining Jack Black comedy now, and I'm actually excited about it because if there's anyone who can take it and make an amazing stage production out of it, it's him.

There's no word yet on production dates, actors, locations, directors, or...okay, well, anything really, including whether or not he can get the rights to the songs featured in the movie. Still, it's an interesting idea and one that will be well worth following, so make sure to check back regularly and we'll keep you updated on further developments.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for the original movie:

Fun fact for those keeping score at home: The jerky dude who kicks him out of the band in the opening scene is none other than power-piped , the original Roger in both the stage and screen version of RENT, the musical I was obsessed with as a teenager. You know, this guy.

So there's that.


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