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ScreenDaily have announced that Andy Serkis will adapt the subversive satire Animal Farm by British author George Orwell; where shooting will start in late 2014.

Serkis- who is a 'performance capture pioneer'- first announced his plans in October 2012 to work with the 'German concept artist Michael Kutsche'; whose repertoire includes: Alice Through the Looking Glass, Thor: The Dark World and Maleficent among others.

ScreenDaily have said that:

As the inaugural production of Imaginarium, the new performance capture studio co-founded by Serkis with producer Jonathan Cavendish, but there has been little news about the project since.

Animal Farm book design

Here's what had to say about the project to ScreenDaily when at the Cinematic Innovation Summit (CIS) last week:

What we’re trying to do is fairly unique. It’s going to be entirely performance captured, so rather than photographing real animals and showing them with talking mouths, it will all be generated by the interaction between the actors playing those roles…the physicality and facial expressions of all the animals will come directly from actors’ performances.

He elaborated:

We’re producing this like an independent movie. The idea is to get as far down the road as we can but eventually we expect a studio to get involved.

Source: ScreenDaily

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What do you make of the bold move to adapt such a sacred book? Is the magic of Animal Farm only suited to a literary medium or can it be faithfully re-imagined with the right kind of team?



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