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Matt Carter

Hot on the heels of nabbing a Best Director Oscar for Life of Pi, is eyeing biblical epic Gods and Kings for his next movie. Deadline is reporting that Lee is showing an interest in the project and Warner Bros. are keen to tie up a deal for the director, especially now that Lee's Oscar rival Steven Spielberg has dropped out of the running.

Gods and Kings is set to be a gritty retelling of the life of Moses and considering he apparently lived to 120 years old, there's a fair bit of story to tell.

This is not the only big-screen biopic of the Prophet who received the Ten Commandments though, as also plans to direct his own version, Exodus: Gods and Kings, once he's finished work on his current film The Counselor.

Whose version of the Moses story are you most looking forward to? Ang Lee's or Ridley Scott's? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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